Essays on Managing Organisational Change (Written Assessment - Short Report) Assignment

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IntroductionOrganizations which evolve with changing times are able to increase the chances of being successful as it helps to deal with the different issues which are present within the organization. This helps the organization to be ahead of competition and provides an opportunity through which business gains. This was seen in case of Wallaroo Airlines where the use of traditional techniques and methods created complexities thereby increasing the level of customer dissatisfaction. The situation clearly highlighted the lack of communication between the top management and the executives which had an impact on the manner communication was done with the customers.

The situation also highlighted the importance of bringing the required change in the communication process so that strategies are developed through which better decisions are taken. This report thereby looks to evaluate the manner in which change management in communication is required in Wallaroo Airlines. The report looks at the importance of change management in the field of communication from the perspective of the stakeholders as well and looks to determine different theories and models which will help to find out the best method through which the gap which is present in the communication system can be removed.

This will thereby help to address the different issues which Wallaroo Airlines is facing in the most effective manner and will improve the chances of the airlines being able to provide better services in the future. Background InformationWallaroo Airlines which functions in the airline industry was unable to deliver the same service standards which were exposed during the crisis when storm hit Brisbane. The entire situation turned out so grim that there was no communication from the top management to the executives regarding the manner the customers and the situation has to be dealt neither with nor from the employees to the customers.

The situation became so tense that there was panic everywhere and the airlines were not able to provide a remedy for the same. Finally, the situation turned out in such a manner that the executive in charge for the entire proceeding was sacked whereas the lack of initiative and bringing the required change from the top management in the process of communication was not visible.

This highlighted that the business looked to perform on the same old methods and had not brought the required changes in the communication process which could have reduced the magnitude of impact of such an incidentIssues in Wallaroo AirlinesThe manner in which Wallaroo Airlines was performing highlighted the following issues in the manner of carrying out activities which are asLack of Proper Communication: Wallaroo Airlines has a poor communication channel between the management and the executives and also with the customer as the organization hasn’t looked to develop the communication process by making the required changes.

The organization especially the management has demonstrated an indifferent attitude which has resulted in the use of traditional method of communication and the new form of communication hasn’t been developed which has thereby resulted in complicating the situation as the actual message is not passed at the correct juncture (Baca, 2005)Lack of adaptability to change with changing conditions: Wallaroo Airlines has also shown that the top management is not willing to use a process of change which will help them to make modification in the present style of working.

This will help to pass on additional responsibility and authority and will help to ensure that the airline is able to evolve with the changing environment. This will require that the management looks to understand the importance of change and brings flexibility so that employees who hold respectable position within the organization is provided the liberty to take certain decisions at important juncture so that the business doesn’t gets hampered (Huntoon, 2008)Lack of Information Technology Competence: The present situation also brings forward the fact that both the management and the employees don’t have the required knowledge in the field of technology which would have ensured quicker response and effective communication.

The fact that traditional methods are being relied on and the organization looks towards using the same process for all decision making has resulted in lack of development (Huntoon, 2008). The major cause witnessed here is the inability to change and absorb the new technology which help to improve communication and ensure better decisionsInformation Literacy: The situation of Wallaroo Airlines shows the lack of information education.

The situation shows that the management and the employees didn’t have the required knowledge about the different tools that can be used for business decisions. This has thereby impacted the level of communication and had delayed the overall process through which message was passed from the executives to the employees and then to the customer. This is an aspect which was totally missing as information literacy resulted in creating difference and discrepancies and thereby had an impact on the overall decisions making process. Lack of willingness to Change: The situation that was present in Wallaroo Airlines shows that the process of decision making didn’t look to change as the management was not ready to make the changes and instead looked to pass on the responsibility of the act to the executive by sacking him.

This clearly highlights that the management wasn’t willing to bring the required change in which they carry out business and instead were looking to run away from the matter and fix responsibility on different people (Tiong, 2010). This thereby resulted in a situation where the policy of change was missing which could have ensured better reforms and development was made so that the risk for the business was controlled.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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