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ADNOC Distribution CompanyCompany descriptionAbu Dhabi National oil Company (ADNOC) is an oil processing and distribution company based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). ADNOC is a state owned oil company that commenced business in 1973 and has grown rapidly to become the world’s fourth biggest oil company that has large access to oil and gas reserves. It has about fourteen subsidiary companies that have specialized in various sections of its operations (Adnoc. ae 1). It has two oil refineries at Ruwais and Umm al Nar, this company has over 7,000 employees working in all of its subsidiaries.

Moreover, ADNOC receives revenue of about $3 billion annually. As the first government owned company of the petroleum products in the UAE, it has grown to become a national institution that is the backbone the UAE economy. The main products of ADNOC are divided into three categories we have; crude oil and oil products such as petroleum, kerosene, diesel, lubricants etc. The second category is the natural gas such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Then the last category is the petrochemical products fertilizers such as Urea, ammonia, ethylene, polyethylene, etc.

Apart from the products this company processes, it offers great services to many industries within and outside the UAE (Adnoc. ae 1). Some of the services include; transportation of crude oil and refined products, distribution of the oil products to various parts of the world, storage, marketing of the oil products and refueling aircrafts at various airports. In addition, it offers services such as material handling services, chemical blending, and waste management. With long experience and diverse skilled work force, ADNOC offers high quality products that compete effectively on the world market.

These quality products coupled with high quality customer services results to customer satisfaction (Adnoc. ae 1). Moreover, it offers fulfilling career and training opportunities to its employees, this enhances individual career growth. As one of the highly regarded state owned companies in the UAE, ADNOC’s products are exceptionally respected for their good quality and reliability (Adnoc. ae 1). Since it offers a wide variety of petroleum and natural gas, it is known for its commitment to the provision of services to its customers.

As that is not enough, it has collaborated with other companies within in ensuring the corporate social responsibility. Due o its large scale and diverse operations, ADNOC faces several challenges in carrying out its business. The first challenge is that supporting the management of more than two million both oil, gas transaction per month is technical, and indeed, it requires competent and highly experienced employees (El-Siddiq 1). Secondly, ADNOC has the task of increasing the speed of the daily database operations for it to maintain 24-hour business crucial operations.

This is quite demanding in terms of time and resources. Thirdly, it faces a challenge of simplifying the data management without interfering with the company operations, this needs experts who sometimes demand a high pay (El-Siddiq 1). Lastly, it has the challenge of improving data analysis of the sales orders, stock inventories, smart cards transactions and the daily sales to enhance efficiency in its operations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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