Essays on Managing Orginzational Change In Apple Inc Assignment

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Executive summaryApple Inc. has been in the electronic industry for 36 years now and is known to among the first company to manufacture computers. The company’s success is attributed to the quality of services they offer and level of technology they employ to serve the customers with a variety of products to meet diverse demands. However, with the changing business environment where the customers have continued to change and also competition has continued to dominate, change is considered very critical. The change implementation that has been considered in this case is Kottler’s 8-Steps Model.

This is to ensure that the company is able to become more innovative and fashionable in the world of technology. However, it has also been established that even though change is good, resistance is likely to emerge if the employees feel that they are likely to loose. At the same time change is continuous and no single time change can stop taking place. It with this regard that it is recommended that strong, inspiring and motivating leadership is established to ensure that change is incorporated to culture and also employees are encouraged to accept change.

IntroductionIt is almost certain that almost every person is always nervous about change. This makes some of them resist it either consciously or subconsciously. The fear that causes many people to resist change is founded on the fear that change will have negative impact on them. In an organizational level and more especially at strategy level, change is feared because of the uncertainties that it brings about. This is because it cannot always be ascertained to what extent the proposed changes cannot fair in the company performance.

However, what is remaining as a fact is that change is constant and must always take place and if organizations cannot be able to adapt, then they are likely to remain irrelevant and definite collapse. In the world of computer and software change in the operating environment, has been very significant and this fact has been cultivated by the advancement in technology (Smith, 2006). One company in the electronic industry that has been forced to embrace change in order to survive in a very competitive business environment is Apple Inc.

it is through change that Apple has managed to be among the leading companies industry by developing highly quality communication devices like iPads and iPods. With this in mind therefore, this study is aimed studying the change management scenario at Apple and try to introduce the suitable change implementation in reference to Kottler’s. The study will also seek to identify three major channels that can be used to communicate change, development of the memo to communicate change description of the reaction and feedback from employees and also time-line for the implementation.

Company overviewApple corporation was founded in 1976 at California in the united states by Steve Job was the first person to become the company CEO. Formally since foundation, the company was known as Apple Computers Inc. for almost three decades before it could change to Apple Inc. in 2007. This was done purpose to help the company become diverse in its product base by going beyond the manufacturing of computer to other electronic products like phones. The company is well known in the electronic industry and is among the leading companies in terms of technological innovation something that has helped it develop such devices as Music Players, IPod and Macintosh as well as personal computers.

Currently, the company runs over 150 franchises world over and has succeeded to do much of its business online. In general, the company that has been in business in business over 36 years now has managed to develop diverse products running from computers to MP3s, iPads and iPhones. The launch of the 3 G in 2008 was a major breakthrough for the company in the market alongside the development of the iPod which is the latest computer that the company has managed to manufacture (Nostoptechnology 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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