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The paper "Managing People through Teamwork" is a great example of management coursework.   Teamwork is an activity that many people try to avoid within the working environment. Teamwork is not only an opportunity for professional development, but it also involves simplification and easing the work (Townsend,   2007). Moreover, it involves working together in collaboration with a group of people to achieve the required goal. In businesses, teamwork is crucial as it is necessary for the colleagues to work together while doing their best in every circumstance. Therefore, it requires people to corporate through their skills and provision of constructive feedback irrespective of the personal conflicts that occur between individuals.

Joining the team and performing as a member are two different things; hence, teams are ineffective without teamwork. In some cases, teamwork is the sense of unity and enthusiasm for achieving the common interests and objectives. Teamwork enables the team to work through enabling smoother movement towards the required target, prolonging the forward momentum, and assisting the teams in overcoming the obstacles. Teamwork has the ability to underpin the activities considered valuable in work.

In fact, the benefits associated with teamwork synergies are important for effective management of the resources. In this essay, the focus will on teamwork in the call center. Effects of teamwork on teams’ success Considering the nature of the call centers, they are evidently inhospitable environments for the teams based on their designs, which are individualized and large routine work regulated through managerial scripts and technology. There may be teams within the organization but in the absence of teamwork. While considering the vast range of people working within the call centers, it is not easy to decide but have a program that promotes teamwork and foster conducive environment for organizational success.

In addition, to ensure increased efficiency, and harmonize the working environment to enable the agents to pull together for the achievement of results (Australian Institute of Business, 2011). It is important to note that team is made of several individuals, so while considering the incentive program, such fact needs to be noted. What incentivizes a member of the team may fail to work for another. The management does not have to run them simultaneously but aims to ensure that each person works towards the achievement of the common goal on which the achievement depends on their personality. Effective teamwork is an important aspect of a team’ s success.

There are many benefits of teamwork notably increasing the motivation of the team. Research indicates that when people are treated as team members motivation increases (Marks & Richards,   2012). Teamwork has been a central tenet of businesses for some time. While working as a team, people work towards a common goal. Teamwork ensures the efficiency of the team and the exploration of various options while solving conflicts.

Teamwork allows people to get work done faster since they share responsibilities. Moreover, teamwork ensures that people share information, corporate, and work towards a shared goal, which reduces the probability of conflicts to occur (The Happy Manager, 2016). Through teamwork, team members are able to speak with similar voices and forward their agreed points to the management; as a result, there is trust, efficiency, and reliability of the team. There are different ways of boosting organizational inbound call center, which involves building a strong team.

While building a strong team, including focusing on the roles, valuing every role, ensuring effective communication, setting the goals, and celebrating the success and failures. However, there is a need to develop leadership skills and address the human element equality.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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