Essays on Sustaining Corporation, the Challenges of Change for a Company in a Globalized 21st Century Assignment

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The paper “ Sustaining Corporation, the Challenges of Change for a Company in a Globalized 21st Century” is an engrossing example of an assignment on management. To what extent could Interface’ s Quest to Make Carpetmaking Cleaner to be regarded as meeting the criteria of a sustaining corporation?   According to Dunphy, Griffiths, and Benn (2003), a sustaining corporation is one that does six things. These are as follows: (1) having a new social contract that identifies and focuses on the needs of key stakeholders; (2) the organization focuses on human sustainability by building stakeholder relationships and makes sense of decisions that have long-term impact; (3) engaging in purposive value-based action by forming partnerships with like-minded corporations; (4) focuses on sustainability by helping restore or conserve the environment and seeks to influence other organizations to be involved in promoting environmental sustainability; (5) embedding the sustainability strategy into the culture of the organization; and (6) having a proactive leadership that shapes cultural values of sustainability within the organization. Interface’ s effectiveness at making make carpet making cleaner can be considered to be meeting the criteria of a sustaining corporation because of the different efforts that the organization has made to ensure sustainability.

For instance, in 1995, the company’ s founder realized that there was a need to pay attention to the environment and not just profits. This led to Interface making deliberate efforts towards reducing various aspects of its ‘ dirty’ business. This included setting up a team of people that would advise the company on how to reduce waste and pollution at every level of its operations. All through, the company engaged the community and its employees to ensure that waste and old nylon materials could be recycled.

The interface also ensured that the community benefited from their efforts in collecting old nylon fishing nets to be recycled. The company also worked with various like-minded suppliers such as Aquafil to make recyclable nylon. Most importantly, the company had leadership and culture that promoted sustainability, as seen in the efforts by Ray Anderson and his successor, Hendrix. Question 2What are the challenges of change and innovation for a company like Interface’ s Quest to Make Carpetmaking Cleaner in a globalized 21st century? Companies such as Interface face the challenges of innovating to become more profitable and sustainable at the same time.

Often, integrating sustainability efforts in the corporate strategy of a firm is a challenge because some shareholders may not support the idea of embracing suitability. This is because some company shareholders and other parties may fear that embracing sustainability may reduce the profitability of the company. This was exactly the case when the founder of Interface, Ray Anderson, mooted the idea of sustainability instead of talking more about the company’ s margins and inventories.

In fact, when Anderson talked about how dirty the carpet making industry was and why there was the need to recycle materials and substitute fossil fuels with renewable sources of energy, many people did not like the idea, and ultimately, the company’ s stock price dropped 50 percent. As such, much as companies would like to innovate and implement various changes, they face the challenge of resistance that comes from different stakeholders.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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