Essays on Managing People and Organisations Assignment

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The paper "Managing People and Organisations" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   I would advise Sam to find a way of working with some the team members since it is still possible to win their confidence. There is a problem of lack of cohesion among the team members that Sam is supposed to work with. Some of the employees, like Anne, are already overburdened by other responsibilities. Other members appear to be dissatisfied with the work environment in the organisation and are therefore not keen on working on the new project.

For example, Felicity is furious over the manner she was treated after addressing a client. On the other hand, Abdullah is too silent while Deborah, who is a new recruit, is nervous and not ready to take on the project. Sam can handle this situation by reaching each of the team members individually since each member seems to have a valid reason why they would not like to take on the new task. In particular, it appears that many of the employees’ needs are not being met. With reference to Maslow’ s theory of human needs, for instance, it appears that Sam’ s organisation is not keen to satisfy the employee’ s social and esteem needs.

Social needs include a sense of belonging, affection and love (Viscuso, 2015, p. 144). Esteem needs include things that reflect people’ s personal worth, achievement, self-esteem, accomplishment, respect and achievement (Viscuso, 2015, p. 144). It appears that the team members that Sam was supposed to work with are not recognised by the organisation and the organisation does not engage them when embarking on new projects. Therefore, Sam needs to talk to each of the members at an individual level on the importance of the project to the organisation.

Since the new project is a “ major opportunity with major rewards for the business, ” Sam needs to convince the members that taking part in the project will enhance their prospects and those of their organisation. As well, Sam needs to talk to other people in the organisation, such as Chris, the Executive Manager, on the need to reward and recognise the members for the work that they do for the organisation.

By doing this, Sam will be able to win the confidence of some of the members so that they can be involved in the project. 3b - How would you know if it was good advice? Write 375 words (maximum) to answer the question drawing on three relevant concepts from your reading so far. I would know that I have given Sam good advice because the advice has touched on three key issues: the need to address the reason why the team members are not keen on working with Sam in the new project (disengagement), the need to involve members when making organisational decisions (poor communication), and the need to satisfy the members’ social and esteem needs (poor motivation).

I believe that if these three issues are addressed, Sam’ s team members will feel more empowered and will be motivated to work on the project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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