Essays on Managing People and Organization Literature review

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The paper "Managing People and Organization" is a wonderful example of a literature review on management. Personality is a useful aspect of management studies since it determines job performance (Ozer 404). However, the personality traits of the top management have an overall effect on how people behave in the whole organization. Therefore, the managers have to bear the responsibility of upholding good personalities. Negative personality is bad for an organization and such leaders will always lead institutions to downfall (Hogan 136). There are theories that have been in the use to explain organizational behaviors which form the basis of most assumptions that academicians make when explaining this area of study.

In that case, this report seeks to find out certain traits that can improve the performance of an organization after considering the effects of the manager’ s personality on the individual behaviors as well as work performance in form of a brief literature review. In addition, the report analyses personal results from the Big Five Test and recommends a trait that will help the individual at the workplace. Finally, the report discusses a situation that should prevail in an organization with reference to HRM and recommends traits that will help in achieving such a situation. Literature review According to Patrick, Amber, and Hulett (149) Manager’ s personality has a big effect on organizational behavior because it influences a person’ s way of thinking, feelings, and behaviors at the workplace.

Personalities influence people’ s behaviors in the group context, their decision making, and their attitudes. In an organization, the interpersonal skills of a manager influence the way he or she reacts to certain situations at work.

On the other hand, a manager’ s personality may also affect such aspects like leadership, performance, motivation, and conflicts. Ozer (407) postulates that A manager who is in a position to understand the effects of their personality on the organization is better equipped to accomplish his or her own goals and is most effective to the organization. Managers, who are normal human beings, have different ways of viewing the world which have a great impact on their personalities. For instance, when a situation occurs in the workplace, the manager will handle it according to his personality that beliefs, and personal values. ttitudes.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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