Essays on Effects of the Managers Personality on the Individual Behavior and Performance at the Work Literature review

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The paper "Effects of the Manager’ s Personality on the Individual Behavior and Performance at the Work" is a great example of a literature review on management. It has been said many times that people form the most important asset in the organization. The rapid change in the business environment given that the present economy and worldwide competitiveness need a deep rethinking on how to manage people in organizations (Bergner, Neubauer & Kreuzthaler 181). Organizations cannot be successful if they do not sufficiently pay attention to their employees. These employees have targets, feelings, and aspirations.

They would like to perform better each working day so as to make their organization effectively, and most significantly, they need to be treated reliably as humans. How employees feel and perform depends on how the manager treats employees (Bergner, Neubauer & Kreuzthaler 187). In this aspect, it is the personality of the manager which controls how they treat their employees. In light of this, this paper provides a literature review on the effects of the Manager’ s personality on individual behavior and performance at the work. The literature will also assess a leader’ s personality using the Big Five personality tests and illustrate the change a leader can make using their characteristic. Literature Review on the Effects of the Manager’ s personality on individual behavior and performance at the work According to Farrington, personality is a relatively stable trait of people that affect their behavior and cognition (384).

When it comes to personality traits, Bledow et al explain it as continuing tendencies and dispositions of a person to behave in a particular way (310). As such, the personality of a person makes part of their identity, constantly differentiating him from other people, and is revealed in his inclination to feel, think, and operate in a particular manner.

Individuals who come from different backgrounds exhibit different values, norms, and attitudes. These individuals do portray their cultural birthrights, which are actually different. These disparities lead to different personalities of people, which establish their behaviors and actions. This is also reflected in business managers. Bledow et al argue that some managers exhibit strong personalities (321). They influence other people to act and perform. Managers, who have a particular personality type, determine the manner in which the organizations perform.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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