Essays on Managing People at Work Assignment

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The paper "Managing People at Work" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. I think jealousy and the need to not wanting to be controlled caused Deborah to react in this manner. She was jealous that despite Melinda just being an employee of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) for only two years she had been promoted to a position that is above her. To be her manager in the same department despite the fact that she has been serving the company for the last fifteen years. It is that she felt that she was overlooked and a junior co-worker gave to be her manager together with the other four workers. Deborah has used to doing what she wanted for the last 15 years in her position as office manager.

This was because no other manager was above her who used to control her directly. The introduction of the post of executive support manager together with its responsibilities of supervising roles and responsibilities of the HIA’ s general staff made her be threatened. She knew she will no longer come late to work, leave earlier from work or take long lunch breaks as she has been used to be doing.

The new structure meant that she would no longer have her way due to the introduction of various policies. These two factors contributed to her verbally aggressively accusing Melinda, talking negatively about her, criticizing her and even behaving negatively to workers who did agree with her stand towards Melinda. I think this reaction was not justifiable. I think Melinda was promoted due to her skills, knowledge, educational skills or abilities despite being just an employee for the company for just two years.

Deborah may have been an employee for the company for those many years but she might not be having the necessary capacity in terms of skills, education, knowledge or abilities to undertake the responsibilities accompanying this new post. Organizations use performance evaluation culture in attaining performance advantage, Cooper (1998). This strategy might have been used to promote Melinda.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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