Essays on Managing Personnel And Human Resources Case Study

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IntroductionTop Paints Limited has been recently facing problems within the human resource function which has made the company look towards bringing changes in the manner the human resource department functions. The problem has been consistent over a period of time with depleting profits and leading to loss in the present year has made the management look into the matter seriously so that different areas of management can be identified which will help Top Paints Limited to improve its business. This report thereby looks to present the different issues that Top Paints Limited is facing.

It looks to relate the issues to the different theories and looks towards identifying ways which will help the human resource department to deal with this issues. This will help Top Paints Limited to ensure that they are able to perform better in the future. IssuesThere are several issues which have been identified to be associated with Top Paints Limited. The issues have grown over time due to the ignorance of the top level management and the lack of initiative on the part of the human resource department to deal with those.

Some of the issues identified with Top Paints Limited areOne of the major issues surrounding Top Paints Limited is the manner in which the manner in which the employees are compensated. The organization looks towards following a mechanism which is old and outdated. Employees and upper level managers are paid a fixed salary with a prescribed increment each year. This has made the employees follow their regular business and has reduced the initiative which they could have taken to improve the business is an area of concernThe other issue surrounding Top Paints Limited is the manner in which the performance of employees is measured.

The organization follows one way traffic where only orders from the top management pass on to the subordinates and they are required to perform in the traditional way. This makes the employees perform their daily function and doesn’t allow initiative on the part of the management to deal with situations in a better wayLack of training in another area of concern for Top Paints Limited. Since, the company relies on old methods and doesn’t look towards providing the required training it has resulted in similar accidents to happen.

This highlights complete ignorance on the part of the management and requires steps so that the issues are dealt in a proper wayTop Paints Limited also preaches equality and diversity but the management hasn’t given importance to it. It is seen that the management has only male population and people belonging to different ethnic groups and women are lacking. This has made the business to be man controlled and requires better management so that their is equality and diversity in the performance.

Performance ManagementThis is an aspect of business which Top Paints Limited needs to look into. Since, Top Paints Limited looks to follow a traditional approach where the levels of performance of employees are fixed and they have to follow a definite structure while fulfilling their role. This has thereby made employees look towards working in the same pattern and they need to look towards ensuring that the employees are provided the liberty where they are able to take decisions by them only.

This will help to ensure that the employees are able to decide the best mechanism through which the work can be accomplished.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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