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Project Management: Kitchen RenovationIntroductionPlanning as a management function involves the acquisition and allocation of resources towards the achievement of preset objectives that are channelled towards the realisation of an individual’s or organisation’s goals (Gray & Larson, p21). Specific time frames are allocated towards the achievement of these objectives and hence the importance of planning and organisation. This report seeks to discuss on project management by analysing and considering the various management functions and constraints, stakeholder’s interests as well as preparing the project’s risk profile. After completion, the report will be presented to the organisation’s executive management team for approval on the commencement of the project.

1.0 Project BackgroundWith the on-going emergence from the economic recession, the nation’s economic performance has improved tremendously where there has been increased activity in several economic sectors. One such sector is the tourism and hospitality industry in which the organisation plays a major role. Industrial boom has seen an increase in the number of tourists both domestic and international increase. This has further been compounded by the quality of services provided by the various players within the industry as well as the nation’s natural scenes.

Owing to this trend, the executive management is considering to increase the organisation’s bed capacity and expand its operations. This expansion will require increased dining and accommodation facilities to handle the large number of visitors to the hotel. This report focuses on kitchen renovation whereby the management seeks to increase its size to accommodate more personnel, a decision that is vital for the hotel’s expansion programme. By increasing the number of personnel and kitchen facilities, the hotel will be able to handle the increased number of tourists checking in into the hotel.

By analysing the project life cycle, it is evident that the kitchen renovation project qualifies as a project since it commences with the determination of the scope (Cleland & Ireland, p12). The scope of this project is limited to only the renovation of the kitchen that was deemed important by a feasibility study. Secondly, Heerkens (p23) defines project management as a carefully crafted and organised effort to accomplish a one-time objective. The kitchen renovation exercise is a one-time exercise that will seek to enhance the organisation’s performance and capabilities by handing it the competitive edge in terms of quality service.

Lastly, to ensure the successful completion of the kitchen renovation exercise, a project plan has to be developed that defines the project’s achievable and time constraints, the segregation of tasks, the acquisition and utilisation of the resources as well as the budget constraints (Heerkens, p31). All these elements of the project plan are put into consideration in the kitchen renovation exercise hence its qualification as a project. 2.0 Relation of the Project to the Organisational Business ObjectivesAs earlier noted, the kitchen renovation project seeks to improve the service quality offered to the organisation’s clients.

By improving the quality of service, the organisation will be able to attract more clients and hence increase its market share which is one of its short-term objectives (IJPMR, p13). Increased market share will require an expansion of the hotel’s capacity to accommodate the clients without facing any facility constraints. Through the kitchen renovation project, the management enhance service delivery by providing the clients with adequate dining facilities.

With this, the organisation will increase its dominance in the tourism and hospitality industry which forms its long-term objective.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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