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The paper "Abu Dhabi Fire Service" is a great example of a case study on management. The Fire Service has unique management challenges including the need for equipment and personnel to effectively manage emergencies. Members of the fire service risk their lives daily to save lives and property in blazes. Proper management of resources in the fire service is very important as it can affect the performance of the firefighters and the outcome of the incidents. The following section provides some information about resources commonly manage by the fire services. It also includes relevant facts about the resources management in the Abu Dhabi Fire Service under the Civil Defence and analysis of their crisis management approaches.

Finally, the paper will conclude with a summary of the information collected and recommendations on good resources management practices. Fire Service ResourcesFire departments were initially created to suppress fires but today fire departments do even more. Because of their success in reducing and coping with fire dangers and their traditional role in ensuring public safety, in addition to budget constraints in local government, fire departments now provide services in the areas of fire prevention, hazardous material incidents, rescue, emergency medical treatment, and emergency management.

Fire department service essentially involves fire and life safety which necessarily entails managing risks to life and property. All policy and operational decisions about those services represent choices regarding risk. What levels of risk are acceptable, what ways to deal with risk are best, and what resources should be expended to do so. Policymakers decide the acceptable levels of risk and allocation of resources. Although more resources reduce risks, not all risks can be alleviated, and other services require resources as well. Management in the fire service includes those processes used to provide an orderly structure to all of the events in the life cycle of an organization.

It is a process of structuring the activities of an organization is such a way that it achieves efficiency and effectiveness in the use of human and physical resources to protect life and property. A general rule in the fire service is to gear for the normal, not the extreme. This means, even though there are potential major catastrophes, the fire service only maintain what will be required to handle the ‘ normal’ emergencies.


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