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Assignment Topic: A Case Study OnManaging of Resources OfA UK’s Fire & Rescue ServiceTable of ContentsPage No. Introduction3Procurement4Resources and its Types5Fire and Rescue Services Response towards Emergencies 6Resources Management at the time of Crisis7Risk management and Fire and Rescue Services in UK9Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority and its resource management12Conclusion and Recommendations 16Bibliography18Introduction: The purpose of this case study is to identify and critically review the means of a fire service plan and the management of its available resources. The paper describes in detail how a fire service manages its resources i. e. finances, operations, human resource, equipment / appliances and extinguishing media (water supplies) and communication infrastructure to achieve its objectives.

The last part of the study recommends an improvement plan for the management of the Service. This part emphasizes the best use of resources necessary for the core functions of a fire Service. To conduct the study analysis of how the fire and rescue services are applying principles of resource management to manage their overall resources. Management of human resources, application of principles of managing financial and physical resources, procurement processes, and operational assurance and evaluation in fire & rescue services are also discussed in detail.

This case study also evaluates the application of Crisis Management Theory on specified tasks within fire and rescue services. During a crisis, how the front line emergency services –operates in respect of deployment of resources on the ground, management of hindrances during operations and effective management of crisis in the UK. Procurement usually means the system for assessment, specification, purchase, evaluation and contractual costing and aftercare of equipment, personal protective clothing, appliances, furniture & fitting and all service contracts. In simple procurement repetitive purchase happens while for complex procurement companies try to seek out long-term partners.

For instance, the British government licensed Fire Bay Limited to procure firefighting equipment for 47 Fire and Rescue services in UK. The purpose is to get the best value for the lowest price because of bulk buying of vehicles, protective clothing and respiratory equipment for all fire & rescue services. For Example, Fire Bay Limited is in the process of purchasing and arranging the fixing of digital radio equipment in all fire fighting vehicles at a reasonable cost.

The question is how Fire services authorities raise funds to finance. Some of the money could be generated through increase in rate of council tax, government grants, national business rates, and fees from customers for ‘special services’. The Fire and Rescue Services spend their money as per priorities for payment of salaries and pension to staff and purchase of fire engines, boats and hovercraft (for sea), helicopters (for air rescue), equipment like winches and harnesses etc. , training equipment, personal protective equipment, firefighting equipment and high rise rescue equipment.

Types of ResourcesFire not only damages property but also raises environmental concerns. Resources of fire and rescue service could be material as well as immaterial. Material resources include manpower, appliances and equipment. Immaterial resources include technical know-how and response to emergency situation. Technical knowledge requires being familiar with routes, power and water supply net-works and rationale of crisis management (equipment, standard operating procedure, practice and routine) to handle type of emergency. However material and immaterial resources must work together tightly, to achieve desired outcome. For instance if fire fighters know how to operate their firefighting equipment well and are satisfied that they have what is necessary to do the job then an, increase of resources may not be necessary.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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