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Introduction The west Yorkshire fire and rescue service is a fire service company in the UK which aims at providing excellence as a fire and rescue service. The service works with other partners to reduce death, injury and economic loss as well as contributing to the well being of the community. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are committed in providing a modernised fire and rescue service throughout West Yorkshire. The fire and rescue service has employed 1,700 uniformed staff, 340 fire and rescue staff and 60 mobilising and communications staff who work in various roles from firefighters to support staff (Coombs 2006).

The company promotes safety, provides for the fighting of fires and protects people and property from fire. The company also rescues people from road accidents and deals with specific emergencies like terrorist attacks. The Services strategic priorities involve the delivery of professional and flexible emergency response service. The Service will strategically provide a competent, skilled, safe and a diverse work force. Legislation The company’s legislation is based on the west Yorkshire fire and rescue authority. The authority consists of councillors’ who have been appointed from the five metropolitan districts, which include the Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield.

The authority provides clear political leadership, effective financial management, a thorough supervision of the programmes to be worked on ahead as well as dedicating itself to a continued service improvement. This supervision ensures that the authority is effectively running the fire and rescue service. The fire service meets the requirements of the standards committee, which works to promote and maintain the expected high standards of its members. The committee also helps its members in following the authority’s code of conduct.

The day-to-day operational delivery responsibility in the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is undertaken by the chief fire officer in the management board (Ericson 2006). The principles of effective management financial and physical resourcesAccording to Smith (2002), resource management, “is the process of coordinating and overseeing the application of tools, processes, and systems to provide timely and appropriate resources to the event managers in the event of an incident. ” There are different principles that apply to the resource management process in the fire service.

All the personnel, teams, facilities, equipment and supplies in the fire service must be well coordinated in the event of an incident. This will ensure that a quick response to the incident is achieved as well as control of injuries and deaths due arising from the incident are controlled. The authority has the responsibility of arranging the proper administration of its financial affairs. The director of finance is responsible for preparing the authorities statement of accounts according to the required practices as set out in the CIPFA code of practice Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom.

The director of finance prepares the statement of accounts based on selected accounting policies. It is from these accounting policies where judgments and estimates are done with reasonable prudence (Ulmer 2006). There must be compliance with the code of practice. The west Yorkshire fire authority has the responsibility to ensure that the business of the fire service is carried out according to the law and standards. The authority is also responsible for ensuring that public money is safeguarded.

It also ensures that public money is well accounted for and used well, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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