Essays on Managing Resources - Policy, Strategy, and Planning of Cornwall Fire Brigade Case Study

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The paper "Managing Resources - Policy, Strategy, and Planning of Cornwall Fire Brigade" is a good example of a case study on management. Cornwall County Fire Brigade is the legal fire and rescue service for the area of Cornwall in England. As of August 2008, the brigade employed 428 retained firefighters, 201 fulltime firefighters, and more than 120 support and managerial employees. It was following the 1947 Fire Services Act that Cornwall County Fire Brigade was formed in 1948. There are just three fire services that have the term “ Fire Brigade” in their name, and one of them is Cornwall County Fire Brigade. The brigade has three sections; those are Eastern, Central, and Western.

The divisions have been due to organizational reasons. The administrator of the brigade is Cornwall Council, headquartered in Truro. The Chief Fire Officer is the responsible leader of the Cornwall County Fire Brigade. The service plays a major part in community life in Cornwall. It is responsible for raising the standards of the life of the people and to lessen the inequity that exists in the area it serves. Policy, Strategy, and Planning The Brigade has an appropriately built twelve-monthly approach to business scheduling and it is backed up by target setting and supervising of the performance.

However, the Fire Authority does not as yet have a tactical agenda for directing the procedure. The Cornwall County Council faces problematic situations in offering each of its services in a huge but thinly populated state. In this case, it is crucial for the Fire Authority to become capable of providing an apparent focal point for the Fire Brigade against which there can be the establishment of the strategies and monitoring of the performance. Strategic ManagementAlthough there is no general strategic plan, the Brigade’ s management does assume a strategic style for tackling new operations, whether it stems from state directions or the proposals by the County Council.

There is a requirement of reinforcing that responsive approach for the provision of full contemplation over the situation of the Brigade regarding its overall organization duties across the whole range of its operations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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