Essays on Managing Resources in the Fire and Rescue Department Coursework

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The paper "Managing Resources in the Fire and Rescue Department" is an engrossing example of coursework on management. All economic resources are scarce and are bound to be depleted if not managed well; this is why the management of resources is vital to the course of concern. All resources ranging from material, financial, mineral, and human in any field, department, or service providing organization are usually managed by well-stipulated organs within the organization. For example, financial resources are managed by the finance department and human or labor resources are managed by human resource management departments in an organization.

The fire rescue service is not an exception in this arrangement and thus its resources management organs are up and running. The resource management in the fire rescue service department in the UK is far short of the expectations and standards that it is otherwise supposed to comply with. This study seeks to explore the resource management strategies employed by the fire and rescue service department. Human resource management in the fire rescue service Human resource management in the fire rescue service follows some laid down principles that are meant to comply with the national standards.

However, from the point of view of a critical analyzer, the management of human resources in this department is not satisfactory. First, during the recruitment process, the vacancies are first advertised in the newspapers, magazines, internal notice boards and vacancy lists, with the potential employees expected to forward their application letters and resumes either through E-mail, post office mail, courier or by physical delivery to the relevant office before a set deadline. The minimum qualifications expected from the applicants and the duties of the new employee are well laid down in the advertisements.

However, in some instances, though not always, some qualifications are way beyond board deliberately put to lock out certain people. This happens in a situation where there is a predetermined or preferred person or persons by the management or the leadership of the recruiting team or the whole recruiting team in unison.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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