Essays on Principles of Management of Financial and Physical Resources in the Fire Service Case Study

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The paper “ Principles of Management of Financial and Physical Resources in the Fire Service” is a meaningful example of the case study on management. Snell & Bohlander, (2012) defines resources as sources of supply from which gains are created, which are primarily materials or other assets, whose form is changed to generate a benefit. Resources are essential components to the operation and running of organizations and institutions, large and small, profit and non-profit making enterprises in the public and the private sector. Vereker & Commonwealth Secretariat, (2002) highlights that managing resources effectively is a fundamental process, which influences profitability by enhancing utilization and reducing bench time, and more significantly, it helps in creating value for money.

There are varied types of resources of an organization that is essential in achieving its set mission, vision, goals, and objectives. Among organizational resources includes infrastructure or capital such as buildings, machinery, and communication systems among others (Griffin, 2006). According to the author, technology resources entail technology systems and tools which assist in sharing, storage, and retrieval of information and in enhancing efficiency in production and service delivery.

Among other organizational resources are the work environment, information resources, financial resources, and material resources. Through effective management of resources and information, organizations are best positioned to not only acquire and allocate resources but also, in realizing the most effective and efficient utilization of all their resources (Singh, 2001). More often than not, firms misuse, misappropriate, underutilize, and at times, over-utilize their resources for failing to manage them well. Resource management, therefore, seeks to evaluate how resources are used and illustrating their most valuable and competent uses. Through effective management and knowledge on the utilization of resources, one learns vital actual utilization information.

This forms the basis of this report which seeks to critically assess human resource management in the fire and rescue service, principles of management of financial and physical resources in the fire service, procurement processes in the fire and rescue service, and operational assurance and evaluation.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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