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List of contents Introduction The Principles of Resources Management Application of Principles of Management of Financial and Physical Resources in the Fire Services Procurement Process in the Fire and Rescue Services Operational Assurance and evaluationList of sources Abu Dhabi is an oil rich state of the Unite Arab Emirates. There are scores of business centers, high rising buildings and other facilities which are situated very close to each other (www. gulfnews. com). The temperature in summer goes very high and the electric short circuiting sometimes becomes a major cause of fires in city.

This report is intended to critically assess the principles of resource management, especially human resource management in the fire and rescue service. The principles of management of financial and physical resources as applied in the fire service are also discussed in the report. More over procurement process of different vehicles in the fire and rescue service are also properly analyzed. The operational assurance and evaluation principles have also been discussed in the report. A whole perspective of fire and rescue service in the Abu Dhabi is given in the back ground.

The Principles of Resource Management Resources are always limited in an organization. It always depends upon the management techniques and the principles of resource management on the basis of which we can take maximum benefit. The efficient resource allocation is the basic principle on the basis of which the given resources can be efficiently used (Dennis Compton. 2009). The resources are vested in the capital goods like land building, machinery and equipment, the cash and bank and the other incomes etc. the most important resource is the human resource.

The efficient use of the resource is much more important than anything else (www. jcu. edu. plicyresources. html). But for the sake of convenience a general overview of the broad resource management principles are given as below; Operating funds have to be maintained and improved for ongoing service delivery. The availability of funds in an organizational outfit is not enough. The operating funds have to be maintained and utilized for the best possible ongoing service delivery. Being the first and foremost important principle of resource management the principle has to be allied and observed in spirit in an organization like fire service and rescue operations in a resources rich emirate like Abu Dhabi.

Each of the division in an organization has to perform as an integrated set of complete operations. The disintegrated and disjointed services of on organization are not at all capable of delivering the results in emergency situations like the fire and rescue operational activities. Since the Abu Dhabi is a site where oil resources are worked with, therefore the well integrated approach in the resources management can work very well, when implemented in total and entire form of the organization.

The work loads have to be balanced in order to meet the emerging priorities. Resource management requires as its basic principle that the work loads on the financial assets, capital resources and human resources should be adequately and reasonably distributed in different sectors and departments in the best possible manner, so that the best and efficient service delivery can be achieved in the fire and rescue services of the country’s states like Abu Dhabi. The operations where capital investment or improved technology has to be used need to be identified for the ongoing operational savings.

The capital investment is always required in the processes of operational improvement through technological innovations and improvisations. Therefore it is naturally important that the operations and technology must remain not only at par with the modern trends but also ahead of other contemporaries in view of the significance of the Abu Dhabi emirate’s fire services sectors. All the positions and vacancies have to be examined where better and efficient use of funds can be achieved.

The important positions must never to left vacant because all the important decisions making processes take place at their level. Therefore, as a basic principle of the resource management principles it is very important that all the significant human resources must remain available all times to the departments and organizations like fire services and rescue operations in the economies such as Abu Dhabi. The opportunities that arise frequently have to be rebalanced with staff and other resources with relative growth of demand services. The monotony in the work place is always an unhealthy position and it must be avoided as a basic important principle of resource management in the fire and rescue services.

In order to meet the necessary contingencies a proper funding at every divisional level is maintained. The contingencies have to be catered for in all respects and at every level to be the best of the possibilities. The contingency plans are always helpful within the resource management programmed. Therefore, in view of the broad frame work of resource management it is determined that the financial resources of a fire and rescue operation organization have not only to be very prudently utilized at an equitable basis for all the divisions of the organization, but also the priorities have also to be funded for.

The new income resources have to identify and the best people have to be put on the right jobs with frequent and regular reshuffling and rebalancing of staff in every division of the organization.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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