Essays on Application of Principles of Management of Financial and Physical Resources in the Fire Services Coursework

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The paper "Application of Principles of Management of Financial and Physical Resources in the Fire Services" is an engrossing example of coursework on management. Abu Dhabi is an oil-rich state of the United Arab Emirates. There are scores of business centers, high rising buildings, and other facilities which are situated very close to each other. The temperature in summer goes very high and the electric short-circuiting sometimes becomes a major cause of fires in the city. This report is intended to critically assess the principles of resource management, especially human resource management in the fire and rescue service.

The principles of management of financial and physical resources as applied in the fire service are also discussed in the report. Moreover, the procurement process of different vehicles in the fire and rescue service is also properly analyzed. The operational assurance and evaluation principles have also been discussed in the report. A whole perspective of fire and rescue service in Abu Dhabi is given in the background. The Principles of Resource Management Resources are always limited to an organization. It always depends upon the management techniques and the principles of resource management on the basis of which we can take maximum benefit.

The efficient resource allocation is the basic principle on the basis of which the given resources can be efficiently used (Dennis Compton. 2009). The resources are vested in the capital goods like land building, machinery and equipment, the cash and bank and the other incomes, etc. the most important resource is the human resource. The efficient use of the resource is much more important than anything else. But for the sake of convenience a general overview of the broad resource management principles are given as below; Operating funds have to be maintained and improved for ongoing service delivery.

The availability of funds in an organizational outfit is not enough. The operating funds have to be maintained and utilized for the best possible ongoing service delivery. Being the first and foremost important principle of resource management the principle has to be allied and observed in the spirit in an organization like fire service and rescue operations in a resources-rich emirate like Abu Dhabi.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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