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The paper "The Management of Resources and Procurement Process" is a good example of a case study on management.   The management of resources in the fire and rescue department is a crucial strategy that will sustain and improve the position of the society in terms of the environment and economical situation. Thus, it is important to ensure that life and property are safe and emergency should be addressed effectively. Thus, every fire station department should ensure that resources are efficiently managed. Thus, the aim of this paper is to discuss the management of resources at the Abu Dhabi Fire Service bringing into consideration varied strategies and techniques that sustain the fire station and ensure that the services are offered appropriately. Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates and its mission statement ensuring that disaster and turgidities are avoided in the most possible way.

Moreover, since accidents are inevitable, proper means and approach should be in a place that ensures that life and property are given the highest priority. Nevertheless, the fire station as putting in place methods, measures, and strategies that ensure accidents are avoided.

These measures included systematic prevention, education, been prepared, planning, timely response, and mitigating consequences when accidents or emergencies occur. To succeed, the Abu Dhabi fire service has placed into consideration the means to manage resources. Hence, the management of Abu Dhabi has a number of managers whose main roles and responsibilities are to provide and support guidelines that help in logistical, support, and operational activities within the department. These activities include human resources and training, strategies for fire protection, operational risk management, and contingency plan.

Moreover, the personnel within the department have diverse technicality that guarantees public health and safety and ensuring the safety of the property. The personnel also assist is administrate the management of diverse resources and facilitate the development of information technology and communication techniques (Ashly et al 2007).


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