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IntroductionThe proposed project, child fire safety awareness focuses on improving fire and safety awareness amongst young children of primary school age at Dover. The project’s objective is to facilitate the realization of the latest objectives established by the national risk management team. One goal Fire and Rescue Service is to offer wide range of preventative and educative services to the community. Therefore, this project will be fulfilling one of the Fire and Rescue Service’s objectives since it involves informing the community in this case the children regarding the necessary precautions to take in case of a fire breakout as well as preventative measures to take.

Specifically, the project will involve recruiting competent workforce who will play an active role in informing the primary school children regarding the fire safety measures to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the community (Furness 22-28). According to Fire Administration, children set more than 100,000 fires every year. About 25% of all fire-connected fatalities are kids, and most of the fires that cause death to youngsters result from the children playing with fire.

The most effective was of preventing such catastrophic consequences is to educate children respect for fire, fire prevention as well as the elementary principles regarding fire safety (Furness 55-62). Therefore, recruiting competent candidates is of great importance as such candidates will be able to effectively educate young children regarding fire safety as this is the main objective of the project. As a result, the line manager is expected to come up with a competent recruitment since this is the backbone of the entire project. This is because the successful candidates are the ones who will be interacting with the children as they educate them on fire safety; this clearly implies they are the backbone of the whole process.

The team will be responsible for various activities within Dover. For instance, the team has the responsibility of visiting the primary schools within Dover and instilling the required fire safety skills to the children. Educating the children regarding fire safety as well as prevention will form a vital element of the work of the Fire and Rescue Service’s Education Team. The line manager will ensure that the team fulfils the goals and objectives of the project. AdvertisingAdvertisement will be done through an agency which will be involved in the whole recruiting process.

A specialist recruitment advertising agency will be used to make sure that there will be professional advice regarding media, design as well as copywriting specially related to the recruitment procedure. This will enable the advertisement to stand out within the appropriate publication and form an employment brand. The specialist recruitment agency will advertise the positions within the public media which includes internet, advertisement journals as well as newspapers.

This will ensure that the information reaches a wide range of people and hence this will attract the most competent candidates for the positions. The advertisement will bring out the position, required skills as well as the responsibilities of the successful candidates. The closing date of the applications will be on the advert as well as the essential experience for the required candidate.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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