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DepartmentIntroductionTelnex is a company in UK that manufactures catering products such as freezers and refrigerators. Due to the development, advancement of technology and the high market of catering products in UK. More companies had been established in UK, which specializes in the manufacture of catering products such as refrigerators and freezers. These other companies include JDS catering equipment, the combined catering services Ltd Bootles found in Merseyside in UK. These companies are well established and produced varieties of products of very high quality such as refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and microwave oven.

So there was a great need of Telnex to start producing other products to have more varieties of products in the market apart from the refrigerators and freezers whose demand was decreasing at a high rate due to the big competition from the other companies. The Telnex should also intensify its marketing strategies to include even advertisement and sale of the products through the internet for its products to be able to reach more customers who might not be within the geographical area reached by Telnex. This process will call for the advancement of Telnex IT department to incorporate the software that will enable this service to be achieved.

The company also needs to change its structure of organization from bureaucratic structure to a more flexible one that will allow participation of all the parties involved in the production at all levels. This will help to achieve harmony in the company where the parties will work as a team for high production. The company should also increase its geographical area to include other areas, which seem to offer good market for its products such as Lancashire.

This will be achieved through the establishment of manufacturing plants on these areas. This in addition will help to reduce the production cost through the cheap local labour available due to the high population found in these areas. The existence of high-class hotels in these areas will provide a ready local market for the finished products. Telnex will have to retrain its employees the skills required to produce the new products. There is also the need to hire more staff for the company to operate 24 hours to increase the production to meet the market demand of these new products that is very high in UK especially at Lancashire. After the market analysis it was agreed that more products will be introduced into the market.

Telnex should extend its line of production to produce dishwasher that has a very high demand in Lancashire and Merseyside areas. This will help the company to increase it’s competition with the other companies producing similar products such as JDS Catering company Ltd. Apart from production of the dishwasher it was recommended that Telnex should diverse its products to produce electronics such as microwave ovens.

This will help to maintain the sale of Telnex products high once the current products that is refrigerators and freezers runs out of market. Some of the employees of the company will undergo retraining to learn the electronics skills needed to produce the microwave ovens. Also the company has to construct a manufacturing plant at Essex to assemble microwave ovens. Extra labour should be increased to cater for the two new projects in the company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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