Essays on Managing under Uncertainty - Jenny Lu Case Study

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The paper 'Managing under Uncertainty - Jenny Lu" is a good example of a management case study. The provided workplace scenario mainly involves Jenny Lu, a recent graduate recruit who has been placed in a temporary position of authority. Jenny has been appointed to lead an Education Centre project. The decision to appoint Jenny as the project leader is marked by a lot of controversies mainly because Romeo, a more experienced senior staff was overlooked. As the project leader, she is faced with a number of complex challenges and issues that require effective decision making in order to realize success.

For instance, she has to make decisions regarding the two people who will lead the presentation and the role that other members of staff will play in the course of the project. Jenny’ s decision-making issues are further compounded when she accidentally overhead Romeo’ s telephone conversation which may suggest that he is disclosing sensitive company information with a rival firm. This scenario presents a serious ethical dilemma that requires effective decision making. In reference to different academic theories, models, and frameworks explored in this course, this report seeks to critically reflect on decision-making issues emerging from a complex workplace scenario.

Foremost, the report highlights the key decision-making issues evident in the provided scenario. Secondly, it critically explores some of the underlying causes and influences of these decision-making issues. Lastly, a personal reflection on how I would have dealt with these issues is provided. Decision-Making Issues The office scenario presented in the video highlights different complex issues that call for decision making. First, the absence of Avril, the branch manager in the office for a week due to the Corporate Social Responsibility Conference she had to attend in Dublin imposed the need for her to make a decision regarding who should head the Education Centre project.

Avril decided to appoint Jenny Lu, as the project leader. This decision is a non-programmed decision mainly because it involves a unique situation and does not occur routinely (McKee, 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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