Essays on Managing Workplace Diversity Assignment

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The paper "Managing Workplace Diversity" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Chapter 1Hate-love Confusion-understand Anger-calm Jealousy-compassion Loneliness-companionship  It was easy to come up with the five words describing negative emotions because they represent feelings that we experience every day. Coming up with the five positive emotions to cancel the negative emotions was not easy, because it is not always easy to switch from one feeling to the other. It is not easy to cancel negative thoughts with positive thoughts since the causes of such negative thoughts and emotions are not directly opposite of each other.   Chapter 2 Overlooking a cultural market is a lost opportunity for companies.

This is because culture defines the tastes and preferences of people. Additionally, the failure to create new products for existing markets is a missed opportunity for companies. This is most especially due to the fact that people want to keep trying new things. Thus, if a company does not innovate and create new products for its customers, there are high chances that it will lose its customers to its competitors who offer new products.

Further, needs keep on evolving, which then means that meeting the new needs for the existing markets requires the creation of new products. Therefore, if a company does not innovate and create new products, it loses the opportunity to meet the needs of its competitors. Diversity of employees is an important factor for organizations, since out of diversity, different talents, abilities, skills, and creativity are generated. Therefore, the failure to diversify the workforce misses the opportunity to create a more productive workforce. Forming relationships with individuals that are not your own creates an opportunity for growth, through fostering cultural interaction and exchanges.

Therefore, missing on such relationships then means missing an opportunity to grow. Finally, inventing ways of doing things better is important for devising the means of reducing costs and improving efficiency. If such an opportunity is missed, quality improvement and cost-saving opportunities are missed. Chapter 3 -I have a positive net worth 1. Debt management, financial information, and net worth should be taught in high school. In high school. I was taught basic financial principles while in high school.

2. Teaching the children of the rich how to build wealth helps the families of the rich to get richer. This is because; such children will build on the wealth that the parents have accumulated and multiply it, making such families wealthier. 3. Social-economic status is a major divisive factor in the United States since it puts the high social and economic status people in a different social status than the low-status people. This creates social division. Considering that many people amongst some racial and ethnic groups do not belong to certain social classes due to their economic inadequacy, racism continues to be a major issue in the United States.

4. Paying off high-cost debt can move people from the bottom of the wealth pyramid. This is because; once an individual pays off high-cost debt, they will stop incurring extra costs through the high interests charged. This means that the money saved from the extra costs can be accumulated. The accumulated money arising from the saved extra costs can then be invested. This way, the individual can multiply his/her wealth, thus move out of the bottom of the wealth pyramid.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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