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The paper "Essential Skills in HRM " is a great example of a management essay.   As a person with a great interest in working with people, I learned my strengths at an early age where I was able to raise advocacy, mediation, convincing and competency in communicating skills. One of the notable achievements from the early age of learning was clarity when asking a question or when giving feedback. I was able to explain issues and share comments very well in a clear way and this strongly endeared the interest to work in interactive professions and Human Resource Management was one of them. I am organized and assume an orderly approach in organizing my study files, documents and handouts even soft-copy files.

I have learned that multitasking skills are not an option in HRM. On an ideal day, I deal with many friends, colleagues and family members with personal issues. Helping colleagues has greatly improved my interaction and helped me to handle different people at once. I am flexible and adapt quickly to different situations. This is reflected through life activities like travelling and studying abroad.

I have travelled and studied in three different cities which need extensive adapting for efficient studying. Flexibility was a critical demand for different situations, different lifestyles, weather, cultures and food. I, therefore, realized I got the skill to adapt and flexibility. I have developed a strong personal trait of indiscretion and ensuring business ethics in the performance of professional demands. I have a dual focus in a career where I can competently work both as an employee and in management. Through a balanced focus on performance, I realize that when to side and protect the organization, its values and culture and when to protect an employee.

Strong advocacy skills will help me to build employees' trust as I can address the concerns of others and enforce top management to come up or amend policies. I also adopt fairness and dedication to constant improvement (Chen & Huang 2009).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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