Essays on Managing Your Career Assignment

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Strengths: As a person with great interest of working with people, I learned my strengths at early ages where I was able to raise advocacy, mediation, convincing and competency in communicating skills. One of the notable achievements from early age of learning was clarity when asking a question or when giving a feedback. I was able to explain issues and share comments very well in a clear way and this strongly endeared the interest to work in interactive professions and Human Resource Management was one of them. I am organized and assume an orderly approach in organizing my study files, documents and handouts even soft-copy files.

I have learned that multitasking skills is not an option in HRM. On any ideal day, I deal with many friends, colleagues and family members with personal issues. Helping colleagues has greatly improved my interaction and helped me to handle different people at once. I am flexible and adapt quickly to different situations. This is reflected through life activities like travelling and studying abroad. I have travelled and studied in three different cities which need extensive adapting for efficient studying.

Flexibility was critical demand for different situations, different lifestyles, weather, cultures and food. I therefore, realized I got skill to adapt and flexibility. I have developed a strong personal trait in discretion and ensuring business ethics in performance of professional demands. I have a dual focus in career where I can competently work both as an employee and in management. Through a balance focus in performance, I realize that when to side and protect the organization, it values and culture and when to protect an employee. Strong advocacy skills will help me to build employees trust as I can address the concerns of the others and enforce top management to come up or amend policies.

I also adopt fairness and dedication to constant improvement (Chen & Huang 2009). There are orientation skills that are pertinent with HRM and I adopt them in career lifestyle. Team orientation will enhance my working in companies with hierarchies and cross-work with other supervisors and departmental managers. I understand team dynamics where I can efficiently bring personalities together for tem work.

Through strategic orientation, I have learnt to take a leadership role which influence strategic management. This will then ensure that different company labor needs are filled, devise compensation schemes and bring new skills for business growth. I am capable of team working as an essential skill in HRM (Bloom & Van Reenen 2011). I was able to work in teams from early age through participation in team activities at school. Sports and art works were the best field where I developed and grew up my competency in working in groups to accomplish different tasks.

Once I had moved to UK for further studies, I was studied English language as a foundation course. The course work had a lot to do with group work presentations, exercises and essays. Throughout school encounter, I have worked with people from different traditions, countries and with different cultures and characters. Teamwork has improved my skills in team working through working across different people with different personalities and orientation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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