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1) The example of MTV shows us that the reality is different than perceptions. It was perceived that one fits all or homogenizing cultures will have a great role to play in the international markets. However, as MTV find out it is always better to act locally. It was reflected in MTV’s downfall once VIVA entered the market. People chose VIVA over MTV because they could relate themselves and their culture to the channel unlike MTV. 2) There are lots of moral hazards for people watch MTV America in the foreign markets.

First of all these people would not know much about their culture and would know more about the American culture. The people might forget their history and true identity and hence they won’t be able to relate themselves as Germans. 3) There are lots of technologies that have helped companies in this regards. The internet helps people to know more about the foreign markets and how to access them. It also tells the companies about the cultural values they can use to enter a new market. 4) YouTube and Iphone will promote common culture as more and more people will have access to programmes and event happening in other countries.

This might lead to the common culture as people in more and more countries would demand similar programmes. Case 2: Royal Dutch Shell started its operations in Niger Delta in 1958. During this period the company and grew richer. The company minted more money from this region than from any other place. However, soon after the armed conflicts against the company started, the company found out that it is difficult for them to work in the region.

They also could not leave this region due to its huger monetary potential. Similarly, RDS along with the government tried to suppress these movements through government and military pressure. In doing so, nine Ogobini leaders were executed. Among them was Ken Wiwa. His execution fuelled protest across the region and many Human Rights organizations also came forward and filed a lawsuit again RDS in the US court of law. They claimed that RDS is responsible from creating a difficult situation in the region.

There have a lot of cases of environmental degradation and oil spills in the region. There have also been murders, injuries and kidnappings in the region on the issue of oil exploration and distribution. As a result, RDS should compensate the victims. RDS agreed to compensate the victims citing that it is their social and ethical duty to compensate these victims. They were justified in their action to compensate these victims on the ground that they were making so much money in the region and they had to return a part of this earning to the society on the grounds of humanitarianism and ethics.

As a result, I consider that all ethical theories will approve of this action by RDS and they were right in compensating the society.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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