Essays on Problem Solving in Organizations Assignment

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The paper “ Problem Solving in Organizations” is a bright example of the assignment on management.   Management is a function that occurs throughout the organization. Since the structure of the organization is however layered, managers at different levels perform different functions and exercise varying degrees of authority commensurate with their positions. The junior employees for example are managers of different organizational resources such as time, tools and machinery, and so on. The line managers are responsible for the middle managers as far as managing the operating employees is concerned. They are responsible for the supervision and coordination of the duties and activities of operating employees.

These managers are highly specialized and skilled in various fields. There are managers in charge of human resources, finance, marketing, public relations, and so on. Middle-level managers are responsible for the implementation of strategies and policies formulated by top-level managers. This is done by passing them down to the first-line managers, who in turn ensure implementation by the operating employees. Among other things, they monitor and evaluate the success of implementation and report back to the top-level managers. The top-level managers are at the apex of the management of the organization.

They are responsible for the formulation of the organization’ s overall goals, strategies, and policies. They do not need to be specialists in particular fields for them to manage those areas, because what counts most here is their management acumen and not skills or work-related technical knowledge. The level of specialization invariantly increases as one moves down the management pyramid because those down the pyramid are the ones who do the actual work. Above the top-level managers is the Chief Executive Officer whose duty is to oversee the overall functions of the organization.

He is answerable to the Board of Management. It can therefore be said that whereas different managers at different levels of the organization exercise some kind of management function, it is only the degree that differs.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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