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The paper "Management Information System in Hospitality" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. In present-day society, Information Technology has become the backbone of every business. In this point of view, Greenwich Hotel seeks to initiate an IT-enabled system for its strategic of every day running of it business. Greenwich management is keen on the implication, effects, and benefits of IT, in its daily running and the ability to realize e effectiveness of e-commerce on the hotel business. The main aim of the Managing Director at Greenwich Hotel is to create a maintainable and sustainable competitive advantage over other five star hotels in the locality.

The main aim of the management is to introduce a program that necessitates a superior level of diligence expertise synchronization to deliver the targeted profits with minimum costs. At Greenwich, the IT-Enabled system will allow the hotel management to plan and convey the organization’ s plan coherently to boost efficacy, monitor the Return on Investments (ROI), and profitably drive change. 1.2 AuthorizationAs an IT company director, with the mandate to tackle the fore mention task, I opted to offer the Zig44 network that would link up the Greenwich Hotel mini-bar and increase both the effectiveness and excellent organization of the mini-bar department without wiring network.

The network would effectively centralize the departments so that they can be run from the same office to help improve coordination. The introduction of a new system will require an expanded budget. However, it will improve Greenwich’ s strategic management. The introduction of e-commerce is also projected to boost sales and hence earnings without lowering products’ prices and the quality of services the hotel provides.

A major point that has been focused through the integration of Information technology is the improvement of service provision, efficiency, and class in the hotel. In reference to Bruce and Zaiyong (2006), and IT-enabled property management system can be used through a value chain of activities that would enable the Managing Director to control function of the hotel’ s operation for quick and easy decision making. Bruce and Zaiyong (2006), further indicate that Information Technology enabled system lays its ability to develop a concept “ value chain” through the creation of interdependent generic value activities that incorporate elements of finance, stock, and human capital management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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