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Marissa Mayer at Google Mayer being the first woman in Google has played a big role in increasing the number of womenin technology and Google. She was the first female engineer in Google and contributed to a great improvement of search engine. In 2011, Meyer assumed the role of overseeing engineering design, product management and laying strategy for product like Google Maps, Google Earth and local search. The contribution of the Meyer in his role has encouraged other women to get involved in technology and Google. Meyer started a campaign that Google should recruit women in the engineering department to ensure that the products interest both genders.

She focused on encouraging women in America to enter technology field in order to have many engineers. In 2008, Meyer created a list of the top 50 women in business and this shows that she was determined to identify the talented women in technology in order to help them get involved in technology business and Google (Meyer 5). In the responsibility of increasing the number of women in technology and Google Meyer was faced with some advantages and disadvantages.

First, she campaigned for gender equality in Google workforce and this was impossible since only view women studies technology. Those women who did technology could not work with Google, because they had established their own business. Some men criticized women in the work place hence discouragement. On the other hand, Meyer being progressive in business could influence many women to join the filed of technology. Google was picking after involvement of women in the business and this encouraged more people to accept Meyer’s decision of gender equality (Meyer 3). Work CitedMeyer Marisa.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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