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The paper "Market Audit Plan of Amazon" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. Amazon. com has a foremost edge in the world of e-commerce. It has a tough competitive benefit. Conversely, like many online retailers, certain characteristics of doing business online create difficulties and need for marketing planning. This marketing plan comprises an environmental scan, current segment of the market, marketing strategies, customer behavioral patterns and recommendations in strategies. Introduction Amazon. com is a major online retailer. Jeff Bezos opened the virtual doors of this online retailer in July 1995 in Seattle.

From then onwards it has had the benefit of rapid expansion in every part of its operations that includes business turnovers and an amazing rise in the value of its share since the public floatation in the year 1997. Amazon. com sells is fundamentally an information broker and sells on-line only. It has an on growing database which is over 12 million consumers in over 160 countries. Amazon. com is a place where customers can find and discover everything they want to purchase online. It has the earth's largest collection of products that include millions of complimentary electronic greeting cards, books, online auctions, toys, videos, DVDs, CDs, games, kitchenware, electronics, computers, and much more. Purpose of the Audit Amazon. com is the world’ s largest international online retail store.

It has very strong in house internet technology and also an excellent offline customer services. It has a massive database of loyal consumers which is over 12 million buyers. The company has become a huge online superstore that recently recorded sales of $1.64 billion in the year 1999 which is a rise of 270% from the last year's sales.

Amazon. com holds a very strong position in the media industry. Amazon. com uses the Internet service to convert the book-buying experience into the easiest, most enjoyable and fastest shopping possible. There are four important aims of Amazon. com 1) Improve consumer relationships Amazon. com continues to invest profoundly in building a relationship with new consumers. Customer fascination is the main focus of Amazon. In fact, there is nothing to worry about if the rivals pay attention to Amazon and Amazon focuses on the customer. There are 3 major factors that really matter to the customers: selection, price, and ease of entry.

Amazon. com has made sure that it is the best retailer in these three areas. 2) Expansion of products and services. Amazon. com plans to expand its product and service as its importance as it not only encourages customers to come back but as a company it has also created a well-known retailer with a wider consumer database. Till the time customer keep coming back in order to buy new kinds of commodities, Amazon. com is sure to make money. 3) Expansion of partnerships.

The partnership venture of Amazon. com has been very successful in the last few years. The company hopes to work at the same pace and gain that success.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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