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The paper "William Blue Resort Marketing" is a good example of a marketing case study.   William Blue Resort has been running in business since 2013. The Resort lies along at Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsundays, Queensland. William Blue Resort offers a luxury boutique hotel experience at affordable prices. The Resort provides a fully operational industry placement option for students of William Blue who run it under the guidance of hailed hoteliers. William provides a tranquil location and the guarantee of quality in food, beverage and service delivery. Focusing on eminence service standards and state-of-the-art packaging solutions, the Resort customizes client experiences for family holidays, weddings, conferences and product launches.

The dé cor, tables, settings, menu, staff and overall atmosphere created will hence vary from time to time to meet the client’ s requirements. William Blue Resort is the perfect blend of luxury and hotel facilities with its sophistication, exquisite interiors inviting the outside in. The Resort keenly focuses on creating that perfect holiday mood, entertainment and exceptionally good food and beverage. William Blue Resort caters for accommodation with different wonderful suites fitted with satellite televisions, marble bathrooms, air conditioning and private bathrooms.

Bars are present too, ranging from beach bars, cruises, foyer bars, coast lounge and bistros. The Resort offers more than just relaxing in the suites, different sporting activities are also available in plenty to choose from, those that are free of charge and those which you have to cough out something. They range from windsurfing, beach fishing, river kayaking, biking, diving, tennis among others. Tourism tends to drop when the economy shoots sky high but a good marketing strategy can chip in and save the organisations some cash and also ensure that on the good days the demand is high.

To this day William Blue Resort uses different marketing strategies; advertising online through their websites and the billboards in metro areas like Sydney, personal selling through sales representatives targeting corporate accounts and travel agents(Baldi, 57). In addition to those methods, there are other effective ways to market the resort. The marketing mix is a device marketers use to meet the criteria of the targeted market, in this case, the tourists. It is the combination of the Product, Price, Promotion and Place commonly known as the 4P’ s of marketing.

An orderly and stable blend of the 4P’ s can have a positive impact on the demands of both products and services of the William Blue Resort. Market Segmentation is another brilliant marketing strategy. Divided markets depend on factors of age, income, class, psychographic, behavioural, geographical, gender among others (GOYAL, 47). To market their diverse products and services, the Resort has to put in mind that there is no single product or service that fits all the segments (Baldi, 89).

The sections assist in recognizing the diverse requirements, attitudes and lifestyles of the clients more efficiently. Relationship Marketing emphasizes on building networks, maintaining relations and continuous interactions with the clients. It is one of the most crucial marketing plans in the current marketing state. Relationship Marketing aids in client turnover decline and create a steadfast client base. When planning the relationship marketing, it is best to put in mind that there are four types of clients. There are the loyal customers who are regularly at the Resort, the occasional clients, the not-yet clients who have are a target by the marketing strategy and those who used to be clients but for some reason stopped being clients.

The marketing strategy depends on different clients. The marketing ways used ii loyal customers are not the same as those used in other clients (Baldi, 102). In today’ s marketing situation, retaining one’ s customers rather than acquiring new ones is highly emphasized. This idea is put into practice by gathering detailed information about the clients and keeping in touch effectively with them and heeding to their demands and needs.

The clients receive on the latest products and services and are content with those services and the Resort attains competitive advantage. To maintain a good client connection, loyal customers should be rewarded every now through free spa treatment or discounts on products. The occasional clients should be enticed to the Resort through different marketing strategies like offering them special offers.


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