Essays on Market Assessments of the Pet Care Products Case Study

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The paper "Market Assessments of the Pet Care Products" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The following are the main objectives that are being discussed in this paper in relation to developing a comprehensive business report for Australian Pet Food & Treat Manufacturer. These objectives are; Ensuring that the company is not saturated in its domestic market with various of its pet care products Being a rapidly growing company it is important that we develop a market plan that will enable it to expand and compete with other organization across the globe Ensuring the Australian Pet Food & Treat Manufacturer get access to the best entry mode based on the market research that will be obtained from this business report 1.2 Company/ Product/ Market selected Australian Pet Food & Treat Manufacturer is a specialized supply from Australia and deals in dog and cat collar, dog harness, pet bag, pet toy.

In addition, Australian Pet Essentials Pty Ltd Innovator in global class pet nutrition we are principal the way in exceptional pet food & pet treats products and proud manufacturer and business export winner  Geelong 2006.

The company has hired a large number of professional workers who are involved in the production of quality products at a competitive price to ensure that their customers are satisfied. The company is largely involved in providing original products for its clients whereby there are likely to have a good company appeal in China. Australian Pet Food & Treat Manufacturer (2011), maintains that the company is largely involved in following various stipulated policies highly specializing on quality, professionalism as well as the use of skillful activity in developing their products as well as innovation.

Evidently, although the company export about 50% of its products to other countries within the globe such as Europe, USA, Korea, Taiwan, Moscow, and Japan it is necessary for it to involve itself in international marketing so as to develop a niche within China which is a fast-growing nation. 2.0 Situation Analysis To ensure that the company is able to market itself internationally it is necessary that a comprehensive situational analysis is carried out. These situation analyses should incorporate PESTLE, market, industry, competitor, company analysis not forgetting to find out the various implications that arise from this situation analysis.

The Petcare market across china largely consists of the retail sales of both cat and dog cares whereby this same market is valued according to an estimated retail selling price which widely includes any applicable taxes. 2.1 PESTLE Analysis There are many factors within china macro-environment that largely affects the decision of managers within this company. These decisions emerge from new laws, tax changes, trade barriers, government policies, and demographic change. 2.1.1 Political factors It is evident that Australian Pet Food & Treat Manufacturer is affected by various political factors that largely emerge from the government of China and its policies.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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