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Essays on Zappa 361 - Market Segmentation, Key Target Markets, Issues That Would Make a Market Attractive for This Product, Challenges to Be Faced Case Study

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The paper “ Zappa 361 - Market Segmentation, Key Target Markets, Issues That Would Make a Market Attractive for This Product, Challenges to Be Faced" is a thoughtful example of a case study on marketing. The chief objective of any firm is to make a profit through the provision of products that offer value to their clients, but the value is a subjective connotation. What customers’ value now might not be valuable in the next coming years or what different social groups’ values are different. This can only be dealt with by being adaptive to change and trends.

However, before a firm establishes a product it has to evaluate the market attractiveness level. Establishing market attractiveness is not an easy task. This can be achieved through market and marketing research and the ability of the firm to adapt or take the lead in shaping that market. This report examines market attractiveness for Zappa 361 maximum a painkiller drug developed by Apotex Inc. The report is divided into 8 sections, the first section looks at the product, its description, and use. The second section looks at why the product was launched.

This is supported by numerous needs to tap market segments by superior products. The third section examines how the firm would segment its intended market so that they are effectively catered for. However, this drug is to be used by all irrespective of age, gender, social and economic status. The different segments adopted are the approach to marketing where the firm will employ a business to business approach and this will form the immediate market. However, the final market is the consumers who need pain relievers and this answers the fourth section. The fifth section employs the use of political, economic, social, cultural, technological and legal analysis (PESTEL) to examine the attractiveness of the market for this product.

The sixth section examines the other three overseas countries that might be resourceful to the firm in terms of global presence and expansion. In addition, it justifies why the firm has chosen a given overseas market in relation to numerous factors that influence a market. The seventh section outlines the challenges likely to be faced in an attempt to launch this product.

The last section examines the strategy that will be implemented so as to gain footage in the market. 1.0 Introduction Efficient and effective marketing addresses the question of what do customers want, where the market is, who will buy and why they will buy the product. This is achieved through the process of planning, executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to satisfy the customer needs which are dynamic while ensuring increased income and successful market leadership (Chartered Institute of Marketing, 7).

On the other hand, a product developed should aid in value creation for the end customer while giving the manufacturer an avenue to gaining market leadership (Ehmke, Fulton & Lusk, 2 & 3). This outlines a marketing attractiveness report for Zappa 361 maximum relief which is a new product line produced by Apotex Inc a pharmaceutical firm. The ProductZappa 361 maximum relief is categorized in the class of medication known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that are used to treat fever and moderate pain caused by inflammation (C.

Health). The 200mg, 400mg and 600mg tablets are yellow, round, biconvex, film-coated and identified as IBU over 200. They also contain several non-medicinal ingredients like microcrystalline and cellulose. Zappa 361 maximum relief liquid-filled capsules are clear, colorless to pale yellow solution in a clear, green oblong gelatin shell. The same applies to the extra strength filled version with the capsules. The Pamprin Zappa 361 maximum relief and Zappa 361 maximum relief menstrual pain relief is both reddish-brown, capsule-shaped and biconvex (Medbroadcast).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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