Essays on Marketing Attractiveness, Successful and Unsuccessful International Marketing Solutions Coursework

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It is essential to state that the paper "Marketing Attractiveness, Successful and Unsuccessful International Marketing Solutions" is an outstanding example of marketing coursework.   As technology continues to influence financial flows, transportation and communication, the world becomes smaller and smaller. In the contemporary world, it is possible for consumers and companies to undertake business in nearly any nation around the world courtesy of international marketing. However, successful businesses in the international market call for the application of international marketing principles. Firms must make sure that they offer high quality and affordable products. The essence of marketing encompasses three great principles that include customer value, competitive advantage and focus or concentration of customer need.

This report highlights examples of successful and unsuccessful international marketing solutions. The report highlights successful marketing solutions from Coca-Coca, Nike and Gillette, and unsuccessful marketing solutions from Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble and General Motors. 2.0 Successful Marketing Solutions 2.1 Nike: Write the Future Firms not only require adapting their advertising strategies but also require altering their own products to fit the needs of their customers. It may be practical to think of international marketing along the scale of creative executions and strategies.

Globalised campaigns send similar messages to all global target audience with creative marketers trying to narrowly target consumers and customise the messaging and strategy for a country, city or nation. A global strategy with less customisation can be effective, but some product categories cannot benefit from an overall global strategy. This is because people’ s distinctive lifestyles and tastes should be put into consideration along with the careful application of international marketing principles. Despite the challenges, Nike has been able to use campaigns that understand the international market environment.

For instance, the company’ s “ Write the Future” campaign was a successful and creative market solution that demonstrated the comprehension of the global market environment. The campaign used different forms of media to persuade people on a global scale. The campaign entailed a three-minute video of popular soccer stars and a huge interactive billboard on a skyscraper in South Africa. Nike also used the popularity of social media sites and invited fans to a headline that, ‘ writes the future’ of their favourites on a social media platform.

Through the campaign, the marketers seeking to engage consumers with messages. Nike has evolved its international presence through careful selection of campaign messages besides the provision of customised products that matches distinct cultural styles and preferences. Through these creative solutions, Nike constantly wins a competitive advantage by creating customer value. According to Vasudeva (2006), knowledge of clients combined with creativity and innovation promotes customers’ value. 2.2 Coca Cola: Taste The Feeling Coca Cola focuses on taking the right product to the right price, at the right time and with the right price.

The company has focused on creating the most suitable marketing mix. Coca Cola understands the international market very well. It comprehends regional differences in currencies, languages, customs and values. For instance, advertising of the Coca Cola products in China puts into consideration the Chinese culture. Its recent advertising theme, “ Taste the Feeling” is a creative marketing solution that has expanded the success of Coca Cola in the international market (See Figure 1). The marketing campaign is one brand strategy that attracts customers in the international market. The ‘ Taste the Feeling’ unites all the Coke Trademark brands and extends the iconic and equity appearance of the globe’ s number one beverage.

The campaign promotes the customised strategy of the firm where consumers are offered whichever Coke brand that matches their diet, lifestyle and tastes.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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