Essays on Managing Customer Experience for Profit Case Study

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The paper "Managing Customer Experience for Profit" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The proposed business opportunity expansion for the Michael Kors is the supply and selling of clothes and other wear accessories in the Australian market through the manufacturing of clothes with the ability to stimulate fat deposits burning increasing fitness as a lifestyle changer. In this case, the business concept aims and targets at establishing a market base on the Australian clothes industry with the rising health needs in the society. In order to apply and achieve this strategic objective, the proposed venture will apply both the B2B and B2C business operational models.

On one hand, the B2B (business to business) model will be applied in the establishment of relationships with the key industry distributors in the local Australian market. As such, the venture will seek to establish relationships with diversified distributors to ensure that the required supply products are acquired on time and in the right quality and quantity. On the other hand, a B2C (Business to Consumers) operational model will be based on the concept and need to establish consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

In this regard, with the growing competition in the Australian and international clothes industry, the retailer will seek to establish and retain its consumers through the B2C model application, thus serving as its main competitive business edge. With respect to revenue generation, it is expected that the venture will acquire revenues from two key steams. The first stream will be through sales of the supplied clothes and wear products to the consumer base. As such, once the consumers purchase the supplied products, the venture will generate income and profits.

In addition, the venture will hire and contract key clothing’ s such as wedding gowns on a temporary basis thus increasing its overall market revenue generation opportunities. The global market is gradually but steadily changing over the years. In this regard, this has been as a result of changing market economic factors that necessitate organizations changes to fit in and blend with the changes. One of the changing market macro-economic factors in the Australian market was the economic factor change. However, with the changing economic levels and increased economic activity involvement, the Australian market is exposed to increasing lifestyle diseases.

As such, this has developed an opportunity and need for respective organizations and manufacturers to develop a cloth line that supplements the dieting needs to reduce health needs in the market. Therefore, the development of the proposed weight loss and fat reduction clothing, whose contact with the body skin, stimulates, burning of calories, will face an increased market base. As such, statistics indicate that the Australian economic development is on the rise as well as illustrating a growing and increasing per capita and disposable income values.

Butlin (2013) stated that the rise of an increased middle-level society has enabled them to purchase and buy products of the middle and high price values. Therefore, the proposed products will acquire an increased consumer base willing to regulate their body weight. 2.2 Lifestyle Shift


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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