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Market Plan Market Plan The company’s vision is to be a first company, one that develops into a benchmark for other organizations, one that makes an impact on its clientele for the first time and each time through its food and drink products, and one whose workforce motivation is integrity, innovation and teamwork. This assertion seeks to strike a profound cord in clients, workers and manufacturers of food and drink. The term first-class means the company seeks at being the most excellent in requisites of consumer worth, client service, worker talent and an expected and consistent growth (Griffin, 2011: 56).

By connecting employee, entity and divisional ambitions to the company objectives, the company enhances its capability to harness the power of elevated performance cooperation. The company is a force to reckon in the UK with an annual turnover of £130 million. It has repute for 100% wholesome fruit drinks that appeal to a health conscious marketplace. It has a varied market for everyone, from adults to kids. In addition, their inventive culture has led to a broad variety of novel recipes with 30 diverse recipes.

The company policy of high quality has produced to augmented levels of consciousness and exclusive brand distinctiveness. Furthermore, it has put in place high standards of sourcing packaging and ingredients from socially and environmentally conscious companies (Dealtry, 1992:7). One of the major weaknesses is the pessimistic press linked with McDonald’s unhealthy tag. The perceptions about the corporation putting the clients interests second after profits. Due to obtaining supplies from premium suppliers, it increases their production cost, which leads to premium pricing. Since it is limited to healthy drinks, it has not infiltrated to additional markets.

Moreover, in comparison to other supermarket brands, it has a lower client base (Pahl & Richter, 2010:11). The company’s opportunities lay in expansion into emerging markets oversees as clients are getting more health conscious. The company will promote distribution of its products, in other regions, to develop higher infiltration into foreign markets. It will carry out promotional campaigns in conjunction with other companies who center on healthy living. The company should aim to utilise renewable resources to promote itself as eco sociable, which will substantially lower the cost of production.

In addition, it has to increase its market presence so as to compete fairly with the over processed foods. It has to diversify its healthy foods in order to reach potential new users. Innocent Drinks main competitors are Pete & Johnny Smoothies, Drink Express, Gerber, Odwalla and Naked, Juice Company and Dan International. Most of products from these companies seemed similar since each promised natural and pure juices. Innocent Drinks provided no additives, no preservatives drinks, which is different and gives them an edge over their competitors.

In addition, Innocent drinks product names are descriptive, plain and flavor focused as opposed to their competitors who use fun language in product names. The merchandise packaging is a distinctive depiction of the brand. Unlike its competitors, theirs is simple, and the bottle is clear with straightforward product information band in one colour. Therefore, the product stands out accurately from the other drinks on the shelf. The competitive advantage that Innocent Drinks have over their competitors is their effective product image. The product image being simple and in one colour creates the product intended characteristics and worth proposition.

Furthermore, it distinguishes the product from the other competitors; thus, a client can not confuse it with another brand. Effective product images convey expressive power and arouse the mind and hearts of the customer. The information on the product highlights both the attributes and benefits of the product distinctively. (Armstrong & Kotler, 2010:265). The performance of every product of the company is under the same specification, which guarantees quality and consistency of the products. Innocent drinks can develop appropriate marketing objectives using Ansoff’’s growth matrix so as to increase their sales.

Market Penetration The company aims to increase also maintain its share of the market with the existing product (Kumar, 2010:256). The company will adjust or alter one or additional elements for instance promotion methods and price to increase sales. Increase consumption and usage by existing clients. Restructure the market by attracting new clients and occasional clients to become regular clients. Market Development Identify new users in different geographical areas with similar requirements to the existing clients and increasing the product variety to go with this lifestyle.

Establish and develop new distribution means to attract potential clients. Introduce diverse package sizes to cater for all users. Product Development The company will introduce new products that will target existing and new users. Diversification Identify and select new markets and users, which provide prospects for growth. The companies will carryout extensive advertising and promotional campaigns to market its new and existing products. This may include buying one product and getting another one free. Introducing new products that are similar to existing product but under a different name.

The company will create and attach raffles to the products. This will encourage customers to buy more of their products with the aim of getting more raffle tickets, which might win them a price. The ideal target market for Innocent Drinks will be the sports sector. The company will have to design and come up with energy drinks, which will effectively compete with the existing products in the market. Furthermore, the company can invent a smoothie, which will contain the required ingredients of an energy drink.

Sport men and women frequently take energy drinks to replenish their energies. In addition, energy drinks are important to individuals who need energy replenishment. Appendix Several articles provided information that was used as reference material for the article. ‘Innocent Drinks, Food and Beverage Brands’ from the brandchannel. com were used to give more information on Innocent Drinks Competitors. SWOT Analysis for Innocent Drinks obtained from College Essays. Product Market Mix Strategies from SmallBusiness-Marketing-Plans. com was used to provide additional information on growth strategy methods. Bibliography Armstrong, M.G. , & Kotler. P. 2010. Principles of Marketing.

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