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The paper "Market Plan for Damas Gold" is a worthy example of a case study on marketing. Damas Gold was established in the year 2012. It is located in the industrial area of Abu Dhabi near the capital city. Its sole aim was to produce consumer products that are supplemented with food nutrients to ensure that consumers do not have to necessarily do a double shopping. Still, a focus was given to the working class; those people who have little time to prepare a whole meal because of the time available for the same.

Damas Gold, therefore, chose rice as the product to manufacture. Target audience The United Arab Emirates' capital is a cosmopolitan city. It is occupied by races from almost everywhere in the world. It is modern in its own way and a center for different cultures making it distinctive (Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, 2008). The different races converging in this city cannot be able to be satisfied, each and everyone by their own staple foods. Due to this fact, rice was chosen to be a supplement for the different cultural diets of the population.

Rice was chosen because it is available almost everywhere in the world and it has been almost fully adopted by different people of different cultures. Research has shown that about half of the world population has adopted the consumption of rice with rising numbers of consumption. Even though some continents like Europe have not fully adopted the consumption of rice, there were a good number of them using it (Kubo & Purevdorj, 2004). This makes the target population in Abu Dhabi to be influenced by cultural diffusion into adopting rice products.

This assumption is drawn from the fact that the greater population in the United Arab Emirates is Asians so the dominant food will definitely be rice. Despite the fact that the UAE is a business hub and that there is a large population of foreigners, the businesses that exist there and the workers are largely Asian. It is therefore expected that a high number of them consume rice. The hotels around have rice as a common dish for those people ordering food from them. In this regard, therefore, the rice market is expected to be large in the city and that a company producing rice will market the rice easily to these consuming places. Product attributes (features) Damas Gold supplies a brand of rice called “ Vitality Rice. ” The name is branded on the product packaging material where consumers are able to identify.

Still, the branding is done in the languages that are widely used in the UAE. Some of the languages are Arabic, English among others. The rice is enriched with minerals and proteins. This makes it be easily consumable unlike other products of rice that need to be accompanied by other food like a stew.

Through cooperation with the health and nutrition department of the government, the nutritional balance has been established and the facts printed on the packaging material. The population in Abu Dhabi is highly spice people.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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