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The paper "Sanitarium Food Company Marketing Analysis " is a great example of a marketing case study. Sanitarium trading food Company comprises of two associates, the Australian Health and Nutrition Ltd and New Zealand Health Ltd fully owned by Seventh Day Adventist Church (Saniturium Health and Wellbeing 2011). The ‘ So Good Coconut Milk’ brand has shown increased sales (New Zealand Health Food Limited 2012). The research objective is to find out customers buying the Coconut product, how customers used the product and the customer's opinion of the product and all the Sanitarium products offered.

Recently the Company won the most trusted breakfast brand in New Zealand award (New Zealand Health Food Limited 2012). Target respondents The target respondents will be the customers and shoppers buying the product and services offered by Sanitarium Food Company for the past 12 months. The respondents vary from the younger generation to the adults and older generations who are still able to consume products from the company. Sampling The use of convenient sampling is best applicable to the research since individuals (customers) are easily attainable to the research (McKinney 2013).

The method is applicable since the subjects are selected due to their convenient accessibility and their proximity to researchers. Since the customer’ s population is high and not all customers can be targeted, the convenient sampling works at best. Convenient sampling is faster, takes a shorter time, inexpensive, easy to use and the subjects are readily available. With the current Australian population of 23,581,000 as per the Australian Bureau of statistics, the employees will distribute consents and questionnaires to customers while taking sales and services. An equal number of the questionnaire will be collected from each retail and restaurant for the purpose of even responds from consumers across the sanitarium trading company stores. Qualitative & Quantitative method The qualitative and quantitative method is essential for this research.

The qualitative method relies on the collection of non-numerical data, which includes words and pictures while the quantitative method relies on the collection of numerical data. The quantitative method is ideal for understanding customers buying behavior on the ‘ So Good Coconut’ brand. The qualitative method will be vital to obtaining varied opinions as to consumer preference and supporting reasons.

Lacking both methods in the limited research results will be identified. Data collection method The Combination of both the Questionnaire and in-depth interview is a suitable method to collect data from the research. A popular method of data collection method is the use of questionnaire due to its advantage in data standardization and anonymity (Nayab 2011). The in-depth interview assumes that the participants will provide a significant contribution to the research inquiry. In-depth interviews will help to find opinions on consumer preference towards the products. The use of the questionnaire is less costly to Sanitarium Company since the employees will be engaging with customers verbally while distributing questionnaires.

The interviews are administered in either semi-structured or structured systems. The questionnaire distributed will include questions covering customer’ s age, gender, occupation and preference of product purchase, using the product, to name a few. TNT Express Company Customers perceptions of the products and services rendered enhance a businesses’ reputation. Quality services will result in a regular purchase by the customers. The TNT Express company uses road, rail, air and water to transport the client’ s commodities.

The research objectives are to identify the company’ s strategy in meeting the client’ s expectation.



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