Essays on Market Segmentation of McDonalds Case Study

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The paper “ Market Segmentation of McDonald's" is a fascinating example of a case study on marketing. The article is more focused on achieving a complete market segmentation of McDonald's. The article focuses on a primary target audience. The main targets aimed by the market segmentation are children. The article also identifies key research methodologies that will be used in identifying the target audience for McDonald's. The article will also focus on the market strategies that will help in the market identifying a sizeable market positioning putting in mind the target audience appropriate for the company.

In the end, the article's suggestions on how to improve the company considering the market segmentation have been recommended. The key purpose of this study is to present a business plan that will see McDonald's accomplish complete market segmentation. This is aimed at helping it realize maximum sales in the marketing of its Happy-meal product amongst its customers who have various tastes and preferences. The main purpose of this business plan will be to answer a question concerning McDonald's and its main target market and its market segmentation strategy.

To help answer this question the article will look at the 4ps of marketing this being the price, promotion, product, and place. By covering this area, this study will identify the appropriate market segmentation for McDonald's' Happy-meal product. By performing complete market segmentation for McDonald's, the study will achieve the goal of identifying the appropriate Happy-meal segment. In order to have complete market segmentation, a complete research methodology will have to be done. The research methodology will contain three basic elements that will help in answering the question at hand.

The first methodology that will be used in researching and completing this business plan includes the internet, books on market segmentation, complete analytical review of McDonald, accounts. Market segmentation allows McDonald's marketing policy to put the focus on the division of prospects likely to buy its output (Cross, 2009).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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