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Market Segments affiliation Market Segments Research ethics is a wide umbrella that deals with the responsible conduct of research and its entire component. Research ethics, therefore, means putting into action moral rules and observation of professional codes of conduct during data collection, reporting, analysis and publication of information regarding the observation, research subjects, application and results. A good research must observe scholarly integrity. It refers to the ethical decision, professional conduct and the manner in which mentoring, teaching, scholarship; research is carried out in the course of the scholar (Vitell, 2003).

Human subjects often get involved in research, and this involves the use of human beings as a subject in the investigation and incorporates both data collected and analysed, in order to answer some questions. An example is in the analysis of specimen, biological, behavioural and epidemiological studies mostly in medical research. In involving human as a subject in any research, the ethical guidelines must be followed to the letter. The regulations were put to protect these subjects from abuse(Orb, Eisenhauer, & Wynaden, 2001). The attached journal describes how segmentation is changing the insight in contemporary services and marketing practices.

It explores market segment in product service system different companies. Market segmentation is mainly regarded as an essential tool for customer proposition development, selection and mass communication. The article describes events that trigger and directing companies of how to handle customers (Bailey et al 2009). The data was collected through interviews in various companies. Confidentiality was observed during the interview since it involved interviewing workers on insight on how they handle customers, as well as how the management handle workers. Confidentiality of customers were seen as they provided some information, not in favour of the companies and companies’ workers.

Consents were obtained from the interviewees, and they were given coded names to avoid identity. As per the assessment, ethics in research was well observed. It can be concluded so basing the fact that confidentiality was well observed(Weaver, 2001). ReferencesBailey, C., Baines, P. R., Wilson, H., & Clark, M. (2009). Segmentation and customer insight in contemporary services marketing practice: why grouping customers is no longer enough. Journal Of Marketing Management, 25(3/4), 227-252.Orb, A., Eisenhauer, L., & Wynaden, D.

(2001). Ethics in qualitative research. Journal of Nursing Scholarship: An Official Publication of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing / Sigma Theta Tau, 33, 93–96. doi: 10.1111/j. 1547-5069.2001.00093.xVitell, S. J. (2003). Consumer Ethics Research: Review, Synthesis and Suggestions for the Future. In Journal of Business Ethics (Vol. 43, pp. 33–47). doi: 10.1023/A: 1022907014295Weaver, G. R. (2001). Ethics programs in global businesses: Culture’s role in managing ethics. Journal of Business Ethics, 30, 3–15. doi: 10.1023/A: 1006475223493

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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