Essays on Market Segments and Strategies for Clavas Hooks to Be Successful Case Study

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The paper "Market Segments and Strategies for Clavas Hooks to Be Successful" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Instead of paying for huge rent for Clavas hooks have introduced rent a tent for anyone willing and interested in the service (David Bowie, 2012). The logo has been designed to suit its business objectives. The blue tent logo will always be used with RENT-A-TENT printed below. The font used is Rockwell extra bold. Slogan Clavas Hooks’ slogan is “ You Need it You’ ve Got It” . This came up due to the fact that people have been looking for entrepreneurs who are offering the service of renting tents (Pettit. S., 2006).

Clavas managed to come in the middle of nowhere to meet the needs of its constituents. Character Our core character will be honesty, timeliness and trustworthy. Jingles The jingles used will be playback jingles. Marketing mix Channels All campaigns and advertisements will lead our customers to our website clavas. com. Also, the booking will be made through the website where prices are also included for all the packages (William M. Pride, 2011). The customer will proceed by making payment through secure RBS Wordplay service, delivery details will be entered with the time at which the customer entered into the site.

A refundable deposit is required though returned after the period has elapsed. An agreement is reached with the customer and the items are delivered to the agreed point. The customer will sign an inventory at the time of arrival for the items (Micael Dahlen, 2012). The collection time is also agreed upon. In case of an emergency, the customer will use service telephone numbers indicated although they will be encouraged to use the website. Product The service of renting-a- tent is aimed at ensuring that customers get the best camping experience.

Its product package comprises three standardized packages available in 8 berths, 6 berths, and 4 berth package. Economy; cutlery, cooking utensils, saucepans, tents, pillows, sleeping bags, torch and stove Standard: chairs and tables, windbreakers, lamps, blowup mattresses in addition to the economy. Luxury: parasol, tabletop patio heater, electric appliances, BBQ, inclusive of standard. Customers can purchase crates of locally packaged picnics or sourced organic foods where deliveries are made to them in campsites (Fortenberry, 2009). They can also add outdoor games such as pick-up sticks and swing ball through the drop-down on indicated on the website. Marketing communication Clavas Hooks will come up with online advertisements as follows; Clavas Hooks will be advertised through a link or advertisement banners on camping sites which include uscapsites. com, swedencampingsites. com, welcomecampingsites. com, and enjoycamping. com. Additionally, individual websites such as peartreepark. co. uk and wildfields. co. uk can be used as an advertising platform.

All the campsites that have advertised Clavas Hooks will feature Rent – a- Tent on identifying a campsite page of the Clavas Hooks website.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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