Essays on Market Situation of Kodak-Camera Firm Case Study

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The paper “ Market Situation of Kodak-Camera Firm” is a  breathtaking example of a case study on  marketing. Kodak is a company based in the United States and carries out global business operations. It offers different types of imaging products as well as services. The company has been recognized as a leading organization in the development and production of new imaging products and services in the European markets and other global markets. It was founded by George Eastman who was highly interested in establishing improvements regarding cameras. Kodak Company is majorly involved in the production of film products as well as dealing with digital photography together with printing (Reuters 2011). Customer Context AnalysisThe customers for Kodak Company products are spread in many countries all over the world.

The customers buy products such as cameras, sensors for images, frames designed for pictures, press equipment, digital photographic equipment, films, chemicals and papers used in photographic processing, scanners, and printers. They also receive services related to photographic work after which they pay the company for the provision of such services (Grant n. d). The customers are interested in buying the company’ s products because the company has acquired a good reputation over the years regarding the quality of products and services provided by the company.

They prefer the company’ s products and services due to the good image that the company has acquired. The customers’ demand for the company’ s products and services has been increasing with time in the world market. The needs of the company customers include obtaining quality pictures and photographic videos, acquiring reliable printing equipment, and having the availability of effective and efficient photographic related services. They need current photographic production systems that can promote the production of quality graphics and photography. Customers who buy company products are not made of a single group of people.

These customers range from old people to young people but their biggest percentage consists of the youth who are highly interested in graphics and photography as compared to older people. Some customers buy the company products for resale purposes and thus the company customers consist of wholesalers, retailers and the final consumers. Business Context AnalysisThe business in Kodak Company is done through the use of the current digital camera technologies and developments.

The company has done away with traditional technologies which are unreliable and ineffective in terms of saving cost. The company’ s business operations have been made effective and efficient through the use of completely automated production equipment that saves time and reduces production as well as operational costs. This has made the company’ s business to achieve the ability to satisfy customer needs. The business is focused on the changing characteristics of customers and this explains why the company changes the design of its products from time to time.

The business is not only based on the interests of the owners but also the interests of the customers. Kodak Company’ s business is large in that it is carried out in many countries all over the world. The business is not limited in the context of market coverage because it has gained power in the world markets. Many people who are engaged in the company’ s business are spread all over the world. The business does not depend on a specified country for growth and development.

It has been able to expand over the years due to the company’ s performance in the market. The business of Kodak Company is a profitable business that generates the desired amounts of revenues. The profitability of the business has made the company survive and remain competitive in the market.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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