Essays on Market Strategies and Growth, Market Positioning, Segmentation and Targeting Assignment

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The paper "Market Strategies and Growth, Market Positioning, Segmentation and Targeting" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. This paper looks at various aspects of marketing and answers to critical questions in various areas. The paper answers questions on market strategies and growth, market positioning, segmentation, and targeting. The papers also look at market models, for example, BCG and their limitations. Modules 1 and 2. 1) Hierarchy of strategies and its importance to Carco There are three hierarchical levels of strategies, which are considered to be an important concept for Carco. They are the corporate level, the business unit level and the departmental or functional level. The corporate level is important to Carco because it will be in charge of selecting the part of the business to compete in, for example on the model of cars.

It will also concern itself with the coordination and development of that business portfolio (Seidl, 2013). The business-level unit may be a department, product line, division or profit center whose plans can be done independently of the rest in a firm. This level will be involved in positioning the organization against its key rivals, forecasting the changes in customer demand and other technologies and adjusting the business to accommodate them and finally, influencing the kind of completion in the market by strategic actions like vertical integration and by using such political actions as lobbying (Seidl, 2013). The functional level unit will be important to Carco as this only focuses on the operating aspects of both departments and divisions within the firm.

The major focus here is on the value chain and business processes. Through this level, the marketing, finance and human resources will work effectively and efficiently.

This level is critical as it offers the higher levels the information on resources for the proper functioning of such levels to achieve the goals of the organization as a whole (Seidl, 2013). 2) The Significance of Alternative Corporate Growth Matrix Strategies for Carco Ansoff Matrix In his quest to portray alternative strategies for corporate growth, Ansoff comes up with a matrix whose main focus is on the organization’ s present and potential markets and products. The matrix considers the ways that an organization can conduct expansion activities through the use of new and existing products.

The matrix has four product combinations (Seidl, 2013).   Existing products New products Existing markets Market penetration Product development New markets Market development diversification The matrix has four growth strategies Market penetration, the organization utilizes its current products to achieve growth. This is done by the firm in the market segments that they presently occupy. This is aimed at increasing the existing market share (Seidl, 2013).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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