Essays on Soap de Villa Soap Brand Background and Customer Value Satisfaction Case Study

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The paper "Soap de Villa Soap Brand Background and Customer Value Satisfaction" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Soap de Villa is a handmade soap brand from Australian. It began with the promoter who has suffered from allergies since she was young: she cannot use any normal commercially made body soap, or her skin would be itchy and cannot sleep the whole night. This symptom really annoyed her until once she found that goat’ s milk soap was good to relieve this problem. After that, she started to think about how to spread that kind of good products and help people who have the same problem like her, based on her family’ s support and her professional business sustainability assessor background, she has researched the idea around two years then Soap de villa was created in early 2013. In the UAE, people are used to using soap in their daily life, for example, washing hands, faces, bodies, dishes and clothes.

It is more popular than other types of cleansers (e. g. shower gel and powders). According to (Euromonitor. com, 2014), on average, each U. A.E.

people consume around 23.68 units soap per year, as well as the soap market in U. A.E. , is increasing more than 20% every year. With the advance of the economy in this country, people start to care more about the soap material and prefer to separate the usage. They start to separate the different soaps in different ways, for instance, for hands and for bodies are different. Furthermore, family members are choosing different soap that is suitable for their skin or taste. It is clear that the United Arab Emirates is a good target market to focus on. This is to meet the customers’ demands and expectations.

The main purpose of Soap de villa is to offer what other commercially produced soaps cannot meet. Many people out there have various kinds of allergies which some arises from the products and soaps we use. Soap de Villa, therefore, steps in to fill the gap created. When some people use soaps get allergies or the skins dry up. This results from the chemical additives in these soaps. Soap de Villa is friendly to human skin.

It keeps the skin in its natural form. According to the Soap de villa official website, there are some promises they made for customers. Firstly, all of the products are made by hand and only using fresh organic Goats milk which from the North coast of New South Wales, not the cheaper ingredient milk power. Secondly, they do not add any chemical ingredient; they only use organic essential oils and natural colour in the products. Finally, most of the packaging papers are approved by FSC that can be recycled or reused. Not only for the products but also they develop the “ green life” idea in their company, they try to make some changes as below: using energy-saving light bulbs in the office, installing tap aerators in all the taps to save water, installing a solar  electricity  system  to save 70% of the energy consumed, using double-sided printing for office notes even using the office  furniture which are from their neighbours or partners who do not used anymore but the quality is still good.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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