Essays on Pinch Tattoo Ltd Marketing Mix Strategies Case Study

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The paper 'Pinch Tattoo Ltd Marketing Mix Strategies" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Understanding the market is basically the root of achieving the right profit and success in the business industry. In order to fully understand the market, the management, and the leadership of the business needs to take the right product put it in the right place with the right price at the right time frame. It is also necessary to make the product well known to the customers to increase the sales volumes and the market share for the company.

Pinch Tattoo Ltd has ensured that it remains relevant in the market through the application of various principles of the market mix strategies (The-riotact. com, 2016). The market plan below indicates the best way through which Pinch; a tattoo making company has developed its market mix strategies in the country’ s economy through looking at the product, price, place, and promotion activities of the organization. Product The success of the product is realized when its manufacturing process has taken into consideration the needs and the expectations of the customers in the entire market share.

The development of a product follows a specific lifecycle and the marketers for any company needs to plan for the product at every step of its development (Osinga et al. 2011). Pinch Tattoo Ltd has identified its customers and has realized the expectations that the customers want for their products within all ages (Armstrong et al. 2014). They produce the products that have diversity towards ensuring that the different categories of customers are served appropriately in relation to their needs. The company has evaluated the side effects of the tattoos which have greatly affected its usage in the past and in the development of its products; it has ensured that its products do not have the patchy skins, burns and unsightly scares making it attract more customers. In administering the products to the individuals, the company has ensured that it provides each individual with the exact information and advice regarding the product to ensure that side effects are not developed.

The company that is Pinch provides the service in the product through sourcing of the high-quality laser machines which does not affect the customer on administering of the tattoos to any part of the body.

The company also hires trained and qualified employees to help in the administering of the tattoos to the customers without mistake-making in the entire process (Fan et al. 2015). The company does not only make the tattoos but also ensures that it evaluate the color acceptance with the body to ensure that the customers receive that best products and services. The company has ensured that products are made to serve different ages of people through the introduction of varied products in the markets.

It has realized that the needs for the old do not resemble the needs for the youth hence it has developed products which ensure that consumers benefit from all ages. The company has differential product development with the utilization of the highly qualified personnel as well as the use of high-quality machines in the development of the product making it superior to its competitors (Kotler, 2011). The company has also looked at the problems that different consumers experience in the utilization of the tattoo products and have ensured that it works for the products which will solve the problems of the customers.

The development of a product that solve the customers problems means conquering the market as customers always seek for the products that do not only offer services needed but also the ones that solve their problems just like Pinch Tattoos limited does in their product development and has enabled it to develop in the market (Berthon et al. 2012).



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