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Apple Marketing Introduction I am one of the biggest fans of Apple’s gadgets. I have Apple’s laptop, Apple’s iPad, and Apple’s iPhone 6. I am a returning customer of Apple Company and my loyalty is deep-rooted in the exceptional quality of products offered by Apple. At the time when Apple unveiled its Mac Pro Laptop, it had been heavily publicized and excessively talked about in the media, social circles, social media, and social networking websites. Tablet PC’s have been available to the users for quite some time, yet Apple made its Mac Pro Laptop stand out from the rest of the laptops offered by other brands in the market.

Apple has a very unique and powerful strategy that helps the brand make its products so successful. Apple’s strategy can be explained with the help of the 4P’s of marketing. Marketing can be defined as a process that “encompasses merging, integrating, and controlling supervision of all company’s or organization’s efforts that have a bearing on sales” (Reid and Bojanic, 2009, p. 8). Marketing Mix is a collection of tactical and controllable tools of marketing which Apple combines in order to generate the desired response from the users in the target market.

The 4P’s stand for product, price, place, and promotion and are explained for Apple’s Mac Pro Laptop as follows: Product Apple’s Mac Pro Laptop is a gadget with a very sophisticated design. It is very thin with a long battery life. Like all laptops, Apple’s Mac Pro Laptop provides the users with the ability to perform all the functions of a laptop ranging from programming to net surfing. It’s variety of applications are compatible with other products and gadgets of Apple.

Apple is working more on it and its latest OS X Yosemite software update has a range of new Continuity features that allow the user to seamlessly work Mac with iOS devices. This means that now users can use their MacBook to answer a phone call or commence an email over their notebook while completing it over their iPads. I love the classic design of Apple’s Mac Pro Laptop. It’s 12-inch size comes in three options of color including space gray, gold, and silver.

It weighs only 2 pounds, so it is very portable and easy to carry around. Apple has maintained consistency in the type of touchpads and keyboards it has been using in all its laptops over the years, which I find a very good thing. In spite of their shallow travel of 1mm, the keyboards are very snappy. The touchpads of Apple’s laptops are the best and the most accurate that can be found in any device. The screen of Apple’s Mac Pro Laptop is one of the brightest of all screens in the laptops in the market.

At 306 nits, the screen outweighs others in brightness and quality of display. The resolution is quite high and the colors are significantly better than what can be found in most other laptops in the market. My Apple Mac Pro Laptop delivers full and balanced sound quality. Place Apple deals with the challenge of optimal placement of its gadgets in the market by introducing them to its users all over the world simultaneously. Apple achieves this by placing its products on retail stores, online stores, third parties, and direct sales.

The global market of Apple is divided into four segments. The three geographical segments for placing its products include Europe, Japan, and Americas; Europe includes Africa and the Middle East whereas Americas include both South America and North America. The fourth segment where Apple places its products is retail. Apple has hundreds of retail stores across Canada, the US, Japan, Italy, and the UK. Apple is responsible for the design, manufacturing, and marketing of the components specifically created for its own brand.

Price In 2012, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air together outsold all other desktop Macs by a striking ration of three to one (Bott, 2014). Apple’s laptops have always been more expensive than the laptops from other companies. Apple has always maintained a combination of low market shares and high profits. However, of late, Apple has lowered the prices of its laptops in an attempt to increase competition with Dell and to address the needs of middle-class consumers. I bought the 13-inch 2.5 GHz Apple Mac Pro Laptop for $1099. Although I paid a large sum for my Apple Mac Pro Laptop, yet a warranty period lasting three years was included in the price of the laptop.

Compared to this, most other companies hardly offer a warranty period more than one year. Besides, when I reflect upon the quality of features, services, and experience while using my Apple Mac Pro Laptop, I can understand why I had to pay a higher price than I would have paid for any other laptop. Promotion Apple holds press conference before introducing the latest models of its gadgets.

The event is given coverage by a range of major websites and techblogs including engadget, gizmodo, and zdnet. Apple’s Mac Pro Laptop received the same advertising treatment as Apple provides its other products with. When I purchased Apple Mac Pro Laptop, it was already highlighted on Apple website’s front page along with the keynote by Steve Jobs. Over the months, the laptop was heavily advertised in the media including television ads, social media ads, blogs, and reviews. One reason why I am so loyal to Apple is that Apple stands out in the dimension of technical support for its users.

Whenever I have had any issue with Apple’s Mac Pro Laptop, I have found it very easy to generate a productive response from the company’s representatives. They are user-friendly, quick, efficient, and knowledgeable. They are accessible both online and over the phone 24/7. “Carefully recruited and trained sales associates are encouraged to take customers on a “ride” which former head of Apple Stores, Ron Johnson, describes as “something short, fun, and something you want to talk about. ” Finally, the stores provide a place where customers can go for support (the Genius Bars), creating yet another touch point to delight the customer” (Moorman, 2012).

The website Apple. com is quite helpful and very well organized. The slight drawback in the customer services provided by Apple is the lack of social networking assistance, which the brand is working on and I am hopeful, that it would not take Apple long to gain strength on that dimension as well. Apple has marketed its products in a way that having them is more of a status symbol than just a necessity.

Especially around the time when I purchased Apple Mac Pro Laptop, investing a lot of money in buying a laptop that didn’t have a half-eaten Apple on its lid would be like a waste of money because people simply wouldn’t care. The signature symbol of Apple carried by all apple gadgets is extremely sophisticated, simple, and stylish that gives a user guarantee that the product would be praised by others in his/her social circle. Conclusion My experience with all gadgets of Apple in general and with Apple Mac Pro Laptop in particular has been exceptionally good.

I believe that Apple’s carefully crafted marketing strategy plays a huge role in convincing the customers to buy its gadgets in the first place. The brand outshines most other brands in nearly all 4P’s of the marketing mix. Apple’s gadgets reflect style and sophistication and along with it, provide the customers with best value and experience. Before buying my Apple Mac Pro Laptop, I was double-minded as to whether I should really pay so much for a laptop or not but after using it for two years, I feel happy about going for it.

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