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Essays on BMW Motor Company - Background of the Company, the PESTLE Elements Influencing the Firm and the Market of the Automobile Industry Case Study

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The paper “ BMW Motor Company - Background of the Company, the PESTLE Elements Influencing the Firm and the Market of the Automobile Industry" is a brilliant variant of a case study on marketing. In the highly competitive solid segment and complex customers with varying needs that the BMW Company has launched the latest brand which has built its image and positioned itself as the leading company in the manufacture of sports cars. Though the company has loyal customers, its high prices as compared with its competitors have become a major problem for the company.

The company should, therefore, adopt new strategies on how to respond to high competition in the market and also to maintain its position as a market leader (Holmstrom, 2009 pp. 102). The company should adopt the various strategies which include increasing promotions which should pay high attention to the targeted market, introduce more distribution channels for the company’ s products and introducing new technology in the company. This report will focus on the BMW motor company starting with the background of the company to analyses the PESTLE elements affecting the company and the market for the industry in which BMW is in.

Furthermore, this report will also explore the customers’ behavior in this industry, customers’ purchasing process and the SWOT analysis of the company. Finally, this report will examine how the change will affect the company’ s market, the recommendation to the BMW motor company and the operational strategy of the company. BMW is a German company that manufactures automobile, motorcycle, and MINI brands. This company was started in 1916 and has grown to be the biggest company producing motor vehicles.

The company has been able to grow and own a large market share due to the high performance of their vehicles. The mission statement of the company is publicized in the slogan “ Freude am Fahren” which means high driving experiences. This mission statement has made the company focus on the customers as the first priority. They concentrate so much on the customers’ satisfaction by manufacturing products that meet the needs of the customers in the market. On the other hand, the vision statement of the company focuses on the strategies of bringing customers closer to enhance good relationship within the company.

Likewise, the company’ s vision is to ensure that the employees work in an excellent environment for their personal and professional development. And finally, the vision of the company emphasizes on maintaining and strengthening their leadership position in the market segment they serve. To offer their services effectively, the company has developed core values that they operate in. The primary values comprise of individuals tailored customer service, employee training, offering services in a professional manner and consistency in offering high-quality BMW brands in the market. PESTLE Analysis of BMW motor companyPESTLE analysis is defined as the analysis of the environmental situation of a company.

This analysis can either be complex or simple depending on how thorough you need to be. For the case of BMW, the PESTLE analysis is complex because the company operates in an international market. PESTLE analysis provides an opportunity to examine the macro-environmental conditions that are likely to affect BMW and its market. These conditions are listed under political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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