Essays on Marketing Strategies and Business Environments of Apple Inc Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategies and Business Environments of Apple Inc. " is a worthy example of a case study on marketing. This paper seeks to develop a marketing plan for Apple Inc. 's new product, iPad2 that will address the needs of a new strategic business unit. The strategic business unit, in this case, is defined as a business unit within the overall corporate identity, which is distinguishable from other businesses because it serves a defined external market, where management can conduct strategic planning in relation to products and markets (London, 2011). It incorporates the whole company or it may be a smaller part of the company that has been established to carry out a specific task.

In relation to that, this paper will look at Apple Inc. ; provide an internal and external analysis of the company, its marketing objectives, marketing plan and the marketing budget for its newly introduced product, iPad2. The paper seeks to assess whether the following learning outcomes have been attained: Integrate marketing decision with organizational strategy Establish a broad base of marketing knowledge and the strategic implications Develop and implement marketing plans for a product of service Reflect an international perspective and the global context of decision making in marketing planning Evaluate the appropriateness of e-business strategies 1.1 Apple Inc. Previously referred to as Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation based in America that designs and sells computer software, personal computers, and consumer electronics. Some of its famous hardware products include the iPod, the iPhone, the Macintosh line of computers and the iPad. The company software includes the iWork suite of productive software, Mac OS X operating system, Logic studio, and Aperture.

Apple Inc. was established in 1976 and has grown to be a global leader in the technology and telecommunications industry. Its annual revenues are estimated at $60 billion, which is attributed to the company’ s distinctive marketing and advertising campaigns and its well-established brand name (Erick 2009). The company’ s recent innovation is the iPad2. 1.2 Apple’ s vision Apple has the vision to become a global leader in the consumer electronics industry. It is the CEO’ s dream that comes 2020, every desk will have an Apple computer. 1.3 Mission The company has a mission to continue producing revolutionary and innovative products to its consumers such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

The company also seeks to take part in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities such as enhancing environmental conservation. A pestle analysis is simply a framework that classifies environmental influences as political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental. The analysis scrutinizes the effects of these factors and their relationship with each other on an industry. The application of pestle analysis is useful for business and marketing planning, strategic planning, research reports and product development (David 2010).  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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