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The paper "Australian Qantas Airline Marketing" is a great example of a marketing case study. Qantas brand associated with the Qantas airline is a widely known air transport brand in Australia and Europe. The brand has maintained its relevance with changing times and revolutions in the aviation industry since the 1920s. Qantas has been one of the leading Australian airlines. Its ability to be in sustainable business for almost 90 years has earned the brand its reliability and trust from customers. Air travel safety standards have been one of the pillars of brand equity.

The brand also has been the leader in the airline industry innovation and this has given them an edge over its competitors. BRAND IDENTITY Brand Salience Qantas Airline Australia associated with Qantas brand which is a recognizable brand with most of the current and potential customers in Australia and around Europe. The Logo of the Qantas Brand is unique and easily identifiable. The name Qantas an acronym for Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd is a unique name. The brand logo does stand out as its originality and long term use has earned it unmatched association with Qantas Airline.

The logo is easily identifiable amongst the Australian population since most of them have grown up knowing it. The Brand is also associated with airline services that are of high quality and wide in scope. The brand's local and international packages do stand out with its related cabin ambience and quality services. The availability of different travel options and packages also enhances customer satisfaction in the airline. BRAND MEANING 1. Brand Performance Qantas brand is nonetheless one of the most formidable corporates in the Aviation industry.

Brand performance can be ranked as one of the leading service providers in the Airline and aviation industry. The performance indicators can be associated with Qantas; High-quality safety standards Qantas airline has maintained high air safety standards and this has given customers a feeling of security and trust in the brand. The Qantas brand has an in-house engineering unit that ensures consistency in international air safety standards. Aviation innovation Qantas brand since its inception in the 1920s has been one of the world leaders in the aviation industry revolution. It leads the development of business class travel products in 1979 and in 2008 it was the only airline offering premium economy with arm-in-flight entertainment.

The company’ s innovation history is huge and is a clear indication that it has a good growth strategy. Strong complementary brands The strength of the Qantas brand has also been enhanced by the introduction of a regional sub-brand to ensure the main brand concentrates on the lucrative international market. The Jetstar sub-brand has ensured that Qantas has a holistic service provision. Sustainable and reliable operations With the customer charter of Qantas clearly showing a commitment of the brand to meeting the customer needs, the brand has been able to provide a sustainable service to the community at the same time satisfying the shareholders.

Qantas brand creativity and innovation has ensured that its management operations are economical and of high quality (Agarwal 2000).


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