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The paper "Australian Internet Access Industry" is an outstanding example of a marketing research paper. The aim of this report is to describe the Australian internet access industry. The first section of the report will give a brief overview of the industry. The second part of the report will deal with an environmental analysis that is the micro and macro environment of the industry. The other part is the market analysis and it will be followed closely by the recommendations section which will deal with the actions that the industry and each individual company can take to improve their marketing performance.

The last part is the conclusion section and it will summarize the findings of the report. Company overview The Australian internet access industry is comprised of a list of companies which offer internet services. The companies offer internet services through either dial-up connections or fixed broadband connections. The industry gets most of its income from the internet services provided to its customers. The industry contributes a considerable amount of money to the country GDP. The industry is ranked to be among the best performing industries in the country.

The industry is made up of a number of companies with the major ones been Telstra, TPG, iiNet and Optus. A lot of completions exist in this industry with each company aiming at attracting the largest number of customers with each company adopting a different strategy. With the incorporation of the internet in most business, the need for internet services is increasing day by day the companies are offering more in terms of quality. Most individuals prefer the broadband connections over the dial-up internet access since it offers more in terms of the download speed. Environmental analysis This section will deal with the overview of both the micro and macro marketing environment and how they influence the sector.

The microanalysis covers issues related to the strengths, threat, opportunities and weaknesses. Microanalysis, on the other hand, helps an organization by providing information for corresponding the organization funds and abilities to the spirited environment in which it functions. The microenvironment is comprised of forces which aid the business in providing its services to the customers in a better way.

The business entity at some point has a certain level of control on these factors (Kotler, Brown, Adam, Burton & Armstrong 2007, p 163). One of the major strength of the industry is an increase in utmost data speed and the growth of accessible bandwidth this has led to an increase in the number of internet connections. The internet service industry also faces a threat in that there the government has enforced a law that restricts access to certain websites this is a major threat to the industry since as a service provider one is supposed to offer all the services that are coupled with the service that one is providing.

One of the major weaknesses of the internet service industry in Australia is the lack of a plan to branch out globally this in one way limits the industries expansion plan and with no plan to expand globally they business will only be competing with the local competitors and thus they may assume that they are performing well in their business while in real sense they are not. International competition at times offers greater help to the companies.

Diversification to the international markets at times leads to higher incomes for the industry.


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