Essays on Mars, Inc Confectionery - Target Market and Customer Value Prepositions Case Study

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The paper “ Mars, Inc Confectionery - Target Market and Customer Value Prepositions” is a spectacular variant of the case study on marketing. This retrospect paper analyzed Mars Inc. 's performance in the Confectionery industry across China and for further development across varied continents. A SWOT analysis was conducted to identify the business environment that Mars is engaging in and how to fully achieving its strengths, improving on its opportunities by reducing the weaknesses while tackling threats that the company is encountering. Additionally, the paper identified a new product for the Mars company and issued a recommendation on how the product can easily satisfy the current target market of Mars company.

Justification on the strategic analysis of the new product is also conducted through the SWOT analysis process for the competitive strategy of Mars Incorporation Company both in China and globally. IntroductionMars Inc company, it’ s headquartered in Virginia in the United States of America, is well known as a confectionery company among five different food segments. The company operates in almost 74 countries across the globe. Under its establishment in 1922 by Frank Mars, the company has been privately owned up to date (Mars 2016) As such, little information is available about the company revenue data based on its businessThe current market positions the country among global competitors in the confectionery industry.

The outcome is attributed due to globalization that has enabled the company to sell its products outside Europe and Asian countries by targeting the developing nations, especially in Africa. Mars company became much more famous in 2013 after being awarded AOAC International Multi-Laboratory global award for being transparent in providing detailed information about the composition of the cocoa flavor (Martindale 2013)Market DescriptionMarket Size in ChinaResearch conducted in 2013 indicates that China's confectionery market size was at USD 4.4 billion with an expected growth of CAGR 7-8 percent for the next 3 years (Australian Food and Grocery Council 2015, p.




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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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